The data picture shows the Chinese team Ding Yanyuhang holding the ball.

  China News Service, September 11, 10th is the 27th birthday of the men's basketball national player Ding Yanyuhang. He posted a long post through social media to confirm the expiration of his contract with Shandong Men's Basketball.

He also revealed that in the more than 800 days he was away from the stadium, he underwent surgery and postoperative rehabilitation twice at a cost of about 2 million yuan, and Shanxiwang Basketball Club did not bear any expenses.

In two years, he did not receive any wages from Xiwang.

Ding Yan Yuhang said: "To be honest, I feel a little bit cold, and I feel abandoned."

The full text of Ding Yanyuhang's open letter is as follows:

  Hello everyone, I am Ding Yanyuhang.

Today is my 27th birthday.

I grew up a year older and became more mature.

Since last night, I have received blessings from many friends and fans. I read every message that everyone wrote to me. Apart from being moved, I don't know what to say.

  After playing the playoffs for the Shandong team on April 9, 2018, I have left the CBA arena for 885 days. During this long day, every sunrise and sunset, I am looking forward to it. Returning to the familiar stage, feeling the wonderful moment of basketball slipping out of the fingers and falling into the nets, listening to the fans cheering for me.

In my life, I think nothing is happier than that.

  Here, what I want to thank most is the fans who have always supported me and encouraged me all these years. Without you, there would be no Ding Yan Yuhang today.

  I admit that in the past two years, the repeated entanglement of injuries has allowed me to experience the lowest period of life in my life.

In these difficult days, I have lost, hesitated, and even wanted to give up the thoughts, but whenever I recall the almost crazy cheering from you in the CBA arena, I will feel full of strength again.

In the difficult and lonely recovery process across the ocean, I always cheer for myself in silence.

Your support is my greatest motivation.

  I still remember that in the 2018 playoffs, with the support of Shandong fans, we reached the semi-finals. Although the outside world is not optimistic about our chance to win, I think we still have to fight, because the gate of the finals It's already here.

  I remember very clearly that after I was injured, the team doctor told me that I could no longer play the game after checking. I don't know if you can feel what kind of loss I felt at the time.

I think the whole team worked hard together to reach this moment. If I lose the chain because of my injury, I feel sorry for everyone in the team for their efforts, and even more sorry for the fans in this city who are shouting for us.

Data map: The picture shows Bei Ding Yan Yuhang attacking from the basket.

China News Agency reporter Chen Wenshe

  I did play closed and insisted on playing the game. I know that it is not 100% Ding Yanyuhang, but I hope to use my own strength to help Shandong win the game.

It's a pity that I couldn't do it. We didn't win that series.

Here, I also want to say sorry again to the Shandong fans who had always supported us at that time, I let you down!

  I still remember that I couldn't keep going after halftime of that game. One leg was so painful that I couldn't feel it. After the game, I was kicked off by my teammates.

The away fans have been screaming: "Actors!" I want to use this method to completely defeat me, but I am not afraid at all, because I know that there are millions of Shandong fans behind me, and I think all these efforts are It's worth it, I have worked hard, and I have no shame in my heart.

  A friend advised me at the time not to keep playing in isolation, which would aggravate the injury, but I couldn't think of that much at the time, and I wanted to hold on.

In the past two years, many people have passed me. Will you regret the decision you made?

My answer is: "No!" If I were to return to that series now, I think I would still choose to play closed and fight side by side with my teammates. I can't let myself back down at that moment.

Because I really want to win a championship for Shandong, that is a dream of mine.

Since entering the Shandong Youth Team at the age of 15, I have set a goal for myself. I want to win a championship for my team!

  In the past two years, many fans have often sent messages asking me, when will I be able to come back?

To be honest, I am also very anxious, but I cannot give an answer.

In the past two years, I have been working hard to recover. Although I did not play for the Shandong team, I have never forgotten that I am a member of the Shandong team.

Because when I applied to the Shandong team to enter the NBA in 2018, I reached an agreement with the team. Once the NBA journey is over, I will immediately return to play for Shandong.

  I have also seen a lot of rumors on the Internet, saying that I am going to this team or joining that team. For these, I can only laugh.

Because before I decided to go to the NBA, my contract with the Shandong team was signed in August 2020. I know very well that during this period, I will always be a player of the Shandong team. I will not go anywhere, nor do I want to go.

  Of course, in the past two years, many things have happened that I did not expect.

I underwent surgery and postoperative rehabilitation twice in November 2018 and August 2019. During this period, the total cost of treatment and rehabilitation cost about 2 million. From the operation, treatment and expenses, Xiwang Did not bear any costs.

In two years, I did not receive any salary from Xiwang.

But I have nothing to do. I hope that my career can continue. I can only take care of it myself and hope that one day I can get better.

  To be honest, I feel a little bit cold, and feel abandoned.

  On August 31, 2020, my contract with the Shandong team officially expired.

To be honest, I am a little hesitant now, I don't know if I should continue to stick to it and hold onto my feeling for Shandong.

No matter how many hardships I have experienced in the past, I will never forget the first day I joined the team. I was carrying my luggage, and the morning sun was shining on my head. I sat at the breakfast stall at the entrance of the club and asked the uncle to give Sheng. Last bowl of spicy soup, I took a sip and felt that all the difficulties were not a big deal!

  I want to once again thank those fans who have always been to me and support me. I don’t know what will happen in the future or what will happen, but I always believe that this world is beautiful, and God will give you every contribution. You return.

Yes, I always believe so!

Data map: Ding Yanyuhang and Zhou Qi.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  Ding Yan Yuhang was born in August 1993. He represented Shandong Men's Basketball in the CBA League in the 2011-12 season. He was elected as the most valuable player in the regular season for two consecutive seasons in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons.

Since the end of the 2017-18 CBA season, Ding Yanyuhang went to the United States to pursue his dream.

Unfortunately, due to injuries, Ding Yan Yuhang has not been able to reach the state before the injury.

After receiving the surgery, Xiaoding has been in a long-term recovery.