Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, September 10th. Title:

Asian Games are getting closer-written on the second anniversary of the countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Shang Yiying, Xia Liang and Wang Meng

  Two years ago, Hangzhou issued a sincere invitation to the whole Asia of "2022, Hangzhou welcomes you"; two years later, the unique charm and splendor of a city is blooming by the West Lake.

  The preparatory work ran out of "acceleration" to jointly build, share, and enhance "a city."

From the moment when it obtained the right to host the Asian Games five years ago, this city, known for its beauty for thousands of years, has been preparing to welcome guests from all over the world with the best appearance.

Epidemic prevention and control and preparatory work "two hands"

  On the bank of the Qiantang River, the main gymnasium and swimming pool of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, which look like a butterfly, complement each other with the main stadium "Big Lotus" not far away.

Walking into the swimming pool is a busy scene.

Construction worker Tian Youli is sweating shoveling concrete.

"Concrete pouring must be done at one time. It is common to work continuously for more than ten hours. In order to ensure the construction period, we have to fight!" Tian Youli smiled.

  According to the preparation plan for the event, 42 of the 58 venues and facilities for the Hangzhou Asian Games will be basically completed before the end of this year. The time is tight and the task is heavy. The sudden epidemic has greatly increased the difficulty of work.

  The Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee moved quickly to set up special work classes and special teams to coordinate with relevant functional departments to solve material supply problems; carry out technical docking and technical review with construction units to solve technical problems; at the same time, use "point-to-point" chartered vehicles to pick up workers to ensure Work resumed smoothly under the premise of epidemic prevention and control.

  At the beginning of March, 40 venues and facilities under construction in the Hangzhou Asian Games have been fully resumed, and the return rate of workers is close to 100%.

Up to now, the construction of Hangzhou Asian Games venues has completed 109.4% of the semi-annual plan, and the construction of many important venues under construction has achieved phased results.

  "Despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, our goals will not change, and we are confident that we will achieve quality and quantity." said Li Shenfei, deputy director of the Planning and Technology Division of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee Venue Construction Department.

  The construction of the venues has been over-completed, and the preparations for the event itself during the epidemic have also been steadily advanced.

The Hangzhou Asian Games mascot "Jiangnan Yi" group met with the public on the Internet cloud. The Hangzhou Asian Para Games slogan and mascot "Fei Fei" were released online. The call for official sponsors and official suppliers of the Hangzhou Asian Games was launched. Hangzhou The Asian Games music works are solicited from all over the world, and the highly anticipated “Smart Asian Games” key project plan is announced...

Asian Games elements adorn Hangzhou

  In the midsummer of Hangzhou, the sun is blazing, and the construction personnel of China Railway Construction Engineering are intensively working on the site of the Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub Project.

The Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub Project is a large-scale comprehensive transportation hub that integrates multiple modes of transportation. It is a key transportation security project for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

  Zeng Xianglong, deputy commander of the Hangzhou West Railway Station Headquarters of China Railway Construction Engineering, said that the underground structure of the Hangzhou West Railway Station is currently entering the final stage. It is planned to complete the construction of the structure below the ground in mid-September and enter the construction stage of the above-ground structure in mid-September.

  On April 17, the "Outline of Hangzhou City Action Plan for the Asian Games" was officially released, including eight specific actions including healthy city building, city internationalization promotion, infrastructure improvement, protection of green waters and mountains, and digital governance empowerment.

In accordance with the "Infrastructure Improvement Action", Hangzhou will vigorously promote the construction of Asian Games venues and Asian Games villages, and accelerate the implementation of rail transit, expressways, expressways, West Railway Station Hub, Xiaoshan Airport T4 Terminal and Comprehensive Transportation Center projects, and further enhance Hangzhou The integrated hub function.

  People living in this city are witnesses, participants, and beneficiaries.

  The Canal Asian Games Park, covering an area of ​​701 acres, is the venue for the Hangzhou Asian Games table tennis and hockey competitions. The location of the project is an urban village renovation project in Gongshu District. It will become the theme of national fitness, integrating Asian Games memories and canal culture. , Hangzhou's largest sports park integrating sports training.

"There will be a better place to exercise in the future. This is the bonus that the Asian Games will bring to the people." said Wu Jianhua, a citizen who lives next to the Asian Games Park.

  It is the core content of the "Healthy City Building Action" to unify the construction of the Asian Games boutique project with the benefit of the people and the people to accelerate the construction of a 10-minute national fitness facility service circle.

The "Outline" also clearly stated that each district, county (city) will build more than one Asian Games theme park and implement the "One Community, One Sports Project" plan to effectively improve the sense of gain and happiness of the people, and truly "rely on the people Run the Asian Games well for the people."

Run a meeting well, improve a city

  In the same year that the Asian Games were held in Hangzhou, there was the Beijing Winter Olympics before and the Qatar World Cup afterwards. How to successfully run the Hangzhou Asian Games in the top-level competitions, Prince Ahmed, the chairman of the Asian Olympic Council, also said frankly. The OCA is also a huge challenge.

  "Green, smart, frugal, civilized" is Hangzhou's commitment to the 2022 Asian Games, and "smart" will be a major focus in the construction of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

  At the signing ceremony for China Telecom and China Mobile to jointly become the official communication service partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the two operators jointly described a scene: when you enter the Asian Games venue, you can achieve intelligence based on the services of the urban brain urban management system Parking and non-inductive payment; with the support of 5G technology, the intelligent security check uses the most advanced human 3D biometric technology to automatically identify the crowd and detect prohibited items; during the watching process, you can enjoy 360 degrees through the 5G+VR watching system °Immersive live broadcast...

  These are just the silhouettes of Hangzhou's plan for the "Smart Asian Games".

  At the beginning of August this year, the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee's publicly solicited "Smart Asian Games" key project solutions were officially announced.

The 30 application proposals cover ten areas of smart command, smart security, smart security, smart life, smart performance, smart venues, smart language services, smart travel, smart game viewing, and innovative technology application display.

  In addition, relying on Alibaba's Alibaba Cloud technology, the Hangzhou Asian Games will also strive to become the first "Asian Games on the Cloud"-the use of cloud intelligent technology for core systems such as event management, event results, and event support.

Nearly 10,000 athletes, hundreds of thousands of staff and hundreds of millions of spectators from 45 countries and regions will participate in and watch the Asian Games with the support of Alibaba Cloud technologies such as cloud computing, data intelligence, intelligent networking, and mobile collaboration.

  Chen Weiqiang, Deputy Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou, said that Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee will seize the opportunity of Hangzhou to build an "important window" for the construction of a new type of smart city in the country, give full play to the advantages of the digital economy, mobilize forces from all walks of life, and polish up. The "Smart Asian Games" golden name card contributes wisdom and strength to the successful, splendid, complete and unforgettable sports culture event.