The match is canceled with nine days left until the premiere of the SHL.

“During last night and night, individuals in and around our SHL team fell ill.

It is not confirmed that it is due to covid-19, but we choose to take the safe before the unsafe and thus cancel tonight's training match ", says Linköping's general manager Niklas Persson in a press release.

There are three players who have fallen ill in Linköping.

The players have been tested for covid-19 and the club is now waiting for the answers, Persson tells Aftonbladet.

All three players trained on Wednesday, but fell ill during the night.

Scheduled match on Saturday

It is unclear how the disease cases affect Linköping's recharging before the SHL premiere on 19 September.

Linköping has another training match planned on Saturday against Växjö.

- We will make a decision on how we do in the future.

This has just come to us, says Persson to Aftonbladet.

The cases in Linköping are the latest of several notable illness cases involving Swedish elite hockey in the seasonal upload.

Hockey Allsvenskan Karlskoga and Västerås have also been affected by infected players.

At least 18 players and other staff in Karlskoga were infected, while at least eight people around the A-team in Västerås tested positive.