In the video, a Russian sports broadcaster receives an offer to marry her colleague live

Eleanor, the sports news anchor of the Russian Match TV, published a video of her colleague, the presenter of the same channel, Sergey Rosanov, proposing to marry her during the live broadcast.

 Rozanov appeared on the screen as if he was giving urgent news, but he approached his colleague and famously presented her a wedding ring and a bouquet of flowers.

Russian media and social media platforms reported the news, and the presenter's statements in which he said: "I know that you did not expect me to appear here someday. I am here to confess my love to the girl who reports sports news in all countries every morning."

He added, "You and I have known each other for many years, and we have faced all kinds of difficulties, and I would like to ask you today: Are you ready to continue the journey with me? I, Sergey Rozanov, I want to ask you, are you ready to become my wife?"

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Ная тебя, представляю сколько сил и нервов ты потратил :))) Получилось так НЕОЖИДАННО!

Не факт, конечно, а именно прямой эфир и то, как ты все придумал)) ябылав шоке ☺️ @ matchtv_Вел.

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