The KNVB has recorded on Wednesday what will happen if the professional football competitions have to be ended prematurely.

The football association wants to prevent crooked faces, as was the case last season.

The previous season was cut short due to the corona crisis.

It meant that no titles were awarded, that no clubs were promoted and relegated and that a line went through the cup final.

It led to AZ, FC Utrecht, SC Cambuur and De Graafschap, among others, feeling quite disadvantaged.

Under the new rules, a season is considered not played if not all teams have played at least half of the total number of matches, meaning there is no champion, no European tickets will be distributed based on the rankings and no clubs promote or demote.

If more than half of the number of duels has been completed, the European tickets will be awarded based on the standings and there is only a title and promotion / relegation if clubs are already sure of this at that time.

If all teams have played at least 85 percent of the matches, the ranking will determine who is the champion, which clubs will enter Europe and who will be promoted and relegated.

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'Everyone wants clarity'

According to Eric Gudde, director of professional football of the KNVB, lessons have been learned from the situation that arose because of the corona pandemic.

"No one has experienced such a situation before. Should this happen again, everyone would like to have clarity," he says.

"That is why we have implemented this regulation change in consultation with all parties involved. We will always do everything we can to finish the competitions, but if that does not work out, it is now clear how we are going to finish the competitions."

The rules were drawn up by the KNVB in consultation with two general directors of Eredivisie clubs and two of Keuken Kampioen Division clubs, boards of the Eredivisie CV and Coöperatie Eerste Divisie and a representative of all players and trainers.

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