The perfectionist Warholm trained on the track yesterday and discovered that it got colder the longer the evening lasted.

Therefore, the start time for the 400 meter hurdles changes from 20.30 to 18.40.

According to the weather forecast, it will be pleasant 18 degrees at the changed start time compared to 15 at the original.

Three degrees to be weighed into the record hunt.

On Sunday, the Norwegian was picked up by a private flight by the organizer.

- The only one we have previously brought here with a private flight is Usain Bolt.

He was always picked up that way.

We are not an organizer with a lot of money so this treatment is something we can only give the biggest stars, says competition leader Alfons Juck to NRK and adds that Warholm also got the same hotel room that Bolt always had in Ostrava.

The world record is 28 years old

The organizer and Warholm himself of course hope that the Norwegian will beat Kevin Young's world record of 46.78 from the Olympic final in Barcelona in 1992. In Stockholm just over two weeks ago, Warholm set a European record with 46.87 (second best time in history) despite beating in the last hedge quite properly.

- When you keep a high even level, it can come loose sooner or later, but you never know when it will happen, says Warholm, who has chosen course eight, a favorite.

The organizer has been given permission to take in 5,000 spectators to be sectioned.

SVT broadcasts tonight's gala, starting at 17.45 on SVT Play and 17.55 on SVT2.