Luleå got four votes and Brynäs three when the women's hockey league's coach tipped the season where the traditional kick-off meeting was only held in C More due to the corona pandemic.

HV71 only got one vote - by itself.

- People do not have to believe in us, even though we think we are the best ourselves.

In terms of play, I think we are the best team in the league in all positions, Engström said in C More's broadcast.

HV71 won the basic series by far last season and 99 points was a record.

The team won the first Swedish Championship final away against Luleå, but when the Jönköping team was to decide at home, the season was canceled due to the corona pandemic.

Tough injuries

HV71 has suffered tough injuries when national team star Hanna Olsson tore the cruciate ligament and probably misses the entire season.

The introduction also lacks national team forward Michelle Löwenhielm and Finnish national team forward Sanni Hakala.

Luleå, which has won three Swedish Championship golds since 2016, has lost the superstar Michelle Karvinen, but added Brynäs points queen Michela Cava, among others.

- We have a bunch of new players who will fill up and we have a different width than before, says Luleå coach Mikael Forsberg to C More.

Better slopes

Brynäs finished third last year and went out to Luleå in the semifinals.

Offensively, Gävlelaget had most things, but it broke on the defensive.

- We have focused on strengthening the back side and think we are strong there.

We have a more homogeneous team, says Brynäs' playing sports manager, forward profile Erika Grahm.

Among other things, the experienced Finnish national team defender Rosa Lindstedt has been picked up from HV71.