• US Open: Djokovic's pitch: from Carreño's apology to Kyrgios' mockery

  • US OPEN.Novak Djokovic, disqualified from the US Open for hitting a linesman

For more than

10 minutes Novak Djokovic

tried to avoid his expulsion from the US Open.

"He has gotten up. He will not have to go to the hospital for this," the Serb can be heard in his conversation with the officers.

At one point, one of them, who had previously informed

Pablo Carreño

, approached to reason with the world's number one.

"If he had gotten up right away, okay."

The organization's statement was more blunt.

Novak Djokovic was disqualified from the US Open for "

intentionally striking a ball recklessly

, recklessly or with negligent disregard for consequences."

The Grand Slam Code of Conduct leaves no room for doubt.


Article III of the Code of Conduct

regulates breaches of the players on the court.

The statement uses the language of Section N, which

refers to balls "without intention of playing a point during the game


However, having beaten a line judge, the organization also applied

Section Q

on physical assaults.


The players will not at any time attack any official, rival, spectator or any other person within the limits of the tournament venue

. [...] In flagrant circumstances and particularly damaging to the tournament, or that are especially offensive, a A single offense may constitute a

Serious Behavior Violation

and be subject to additional penalties. "

Further on,

Section T

establishes that any violation of the Code of Conduct (except those related to punctuality or dress) may lead to expulsion from the tournament and the

loss of all ATP points

that have been won so far in the event that consider it serious enough.

And that's the door that 'Aggravated Behavior' opens.

Article IV, which regulates Serious Infractions, establishes that this type of offense is

penalized with an economic sanction of up to $ 250,000

or the money that has been won up to that moment in the tournament, whichever amount is greater of the two, and the possible expulsion from the tournament.

In the case of Djokovic, the greatest punishment was applied: he

was disqualified, lost the points for the ATP ranking and the 250,000 dollars

that corresponded to him for having gotten into the round of 16.

Skipping the press conference, another infraction

Novak Djokovic left the stadium by car without having gone through a press conference, an act that, had he not had the permission of the organization, could result in

another fine


The Grand Slam Code of Conduct (Section H) states that players must attend the media immediately after the match, regardless of the outcome.

In this case, you could be fined up to

$ 20,000


Shortly before hitting the linesman, Djokovic had already thrown a ball against the wall of the court, a gesture that cost him a first warning from the match judge.

The Code of Conduct also allows sanctioning these actions with fines of up to $ 20,000, although in that case it seems that it will remain in the reprimand.

Serena, Shapovalov, Nalbandián ...

It is not the first time that the US Open has experienced something similar.

In the

2009 women's final

, with Serena Williams trailing 4-6, 5-6 and two match balls against, one of the judges signaled a foot fault on serve.

The American approached her and threatened her verbally.


I swear to God I take the fucking ball and eat it


On that occasion they left the punishment at a penalty point that, given the score, meant automatic defeat and the title for

Kim Clijsters


Djokovic's disqualification was also reminiscent of

John McEnroe's

in the second round of the

1990 Australian Open


The American, frustrated with Mikael Pernfors, had received two penalties for disrespectfully standing up to a linesman and for slamming his racket into the ground.

Disqualification came for insulting the judges after discussing a decision against him.

In the 2017 Davis Cup

Denis Shapovalov

was also disqualified for a pitch.

In his case, the chair umpire.

The Canadian, who had not yet turned 18 years old, got angry after losing his serve to

Kyle Edmund

, took the ball out of his pocket and unleashed a racket in the direction of the stands.

The ball hit chair umpire Arnaud Gabas square in the face, who a few days later had to undergo surgery on his left eye.

His expulsion was immediate.


David Nalbandian

frustration cost the

end of Queen's in 2012


The Argentine, who was winning 7-6 (3) and 3-4 to Marin Cilic, kicked a small billboard that surrounded one of the linesmen and the support injured the official in the leg.

He was disqualified and the title automatically ended up in the hands of the Croatian.

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