Badminton representative from Japan resumes training camp for the first time in half a year.

The badminton representative from Japan, who has been refraining from activities due to the spread of the new coronavirus, restarted the training camp for the first time in half a year, and Kento Momota, who is aiming to recover from a traffic accident, and other players aiming for the Tokyo Olympics are adjusting pace. Is raised.

The Japanese representative of badminton has been refraining from activities since March due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but resumed activities aiming for participation in the international competition scheduled for Denmark next month, and this month 1st We are holding a training camp for the first time in about half a year at the "National Training Center" in Kita-ku, Tokyo.

All the players had a PCR test on the first day of the training camp and all were negative.

The training camp is closed to prevent infection, but the Japan Badminton Association released a video of the practice on the 7th.

In January this year, a Japanese ace player Momota, who was aiming to return after having a traffic accident in Malaysia in January, does not feel the influence of injury, such as picking up shuttles on a tough course one after another with practical footwork in practice style practice. It was showing a light movement.

In addition, a pair of women's doubles Kazuna Nagahara and Mayu Matsumoto and a pair of Yuki Fukushima and Ayaka Hirota, who are aiming for a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, also showed the world's top-level play. It was

Mr. Momota said about the training camp, "I have a lot of high quality practice, so it's very fulfilling."

The Japanese representatives will be disbanded on the 10th of this month, and will start another camp on the 20th to leave for Denmark.