China News Service, Beijing, September 6 (Wang Hao) CBA Nanjing Tongxi recently announced that the former Guangdong Hongyuan player Wan Shengwei will join the team.

In this offseason with frequent flow of big-name stars, Wan Shengwei’s transfer is not the most eye-catching, but since being selected by the Guangdong team in the CBA Draft in 2018, Wan Shengwei has been in the CBA these two seasons. The experience reflects the long-standing problems between Chinese campus basketball and professional basketball.

Wan Shengwei.

From FMVP to 38th overall

  In June 2018, in the CUBA league, Peking University defeated Central South University and won the CUBA championship.

As the team's champion, Wan Shengwei won the finals MVP.

In the field of campus basketball, this can basically be regarded as the pinnacle of a player's personal honor.

  However, in the CBA Draft more than a month later, Xinke FMVP was selected by the Guangdong team with the 38th overall pick.

The reason is very obvious. In the CBA arena, Wan Shengwei is not tall enough to play the center, he is too heavy to play the forward, and moves slowly.

The favorite of campus basketball, he can only become a marginal player in the CBA.

The 2018 CBA League Draft was held in Beijing.

The picture shows Yao Ming and 14 players selected by the club.

On the left is Wan Shengwei.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  Since Yao Ming became the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, the CBA has paid more and more attention to the talent selection of campus basketball.

Many people think that in addition to the traditional youth training, campus basketball has brought new hope for the revitalization of men's basketball.

  However, regardless of whether campus basketball can become the main way to select talents in the future, at least for now, campus basketball still has a long way to go in terms of the stability of the delivery of talents and the number of top talents.

Although there have been superstars like Han Dejun, they are still rare.

  For example, Wang Shaojie, who joined Beijing Enterprises as the top pick after Wan Shengwei, also came from Beijing University.

At the beginning of last season, it received a lot of media attention.

But throughout the season, due to injuries and other reasons, he has never been among the team's main rotation.

The 2019 CBA All-Star Weekend kicked off in Qingdao, Shandong.

In the Xingrui match on the first day, the North and South District United team of college students defeated the CBA Xingrui team 90-88.

The picture shows Wang Shaojie, a player of the Northern United Team, celebrating after the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  But the good news is that the CUBA season that just ended this season has aroused a lot of attention and discussion on social media, especially the news that Ningbo University staged a bloody counterattack, which attracted many netizens' attention.

This is a positive signal for the development of campus basketball.

Talent and success are two concepts

  Wan Shengwei really entered the attention of fans in the 2018-2019 CBA playoffs and finals.

Although playing time is not much and the data is not gorgeous, but as a surprise soldier of the team, this "flexible fat man" has done the task assigned to him by the head coach Du Feng on the field.

  That season, Guangdong finally defeated Xinjiang to win the championship. Wan Shengwei also won the championship that many players could not win in his first year in the CBA.

Is it because of luck?

Wan Shengwei is lucky, of course, but he is not only lucky.

  In the CBA League’s first official documentary "Dare to Dream and Dare", it shows the Guangdong team's preparations during the playoffs and finals.

So people saw how Wan Shengwei practiced in the training hall, sweated in the gym, and lost 40 kilograms of weight.

Such efforts have also won the respect of the fans, everyone affectionately called him "Lao Wan".

Wan Shengwei won the championship with the Guangdong team for the second time. The Guangdong team took a group photo at the award ceremony.

Image source: ICphoto

  In the CBA league, a group of players with the best talents in Chinese basketball has gathered, and Wan Shengwei may not be in the forefront.

But his effort and professional attitude are much better than some talented players.

  In this year's offseason, the CBA has seen a lot of player movements. One of the news that "Noble was bought out by the Shanghai team" caused many fans to sigh.

  For fans who have started watching football in the last two years, Gao Shang may be a little stranger, but a few years ago, Gao Shang was the star of hope for the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team.

The noble performance in the national youth game is undoubtedly excellent.

However, in the few seasons he played for the Guangdong team, he did not meet outside expectations.

  In the summer when Wan Shengwei joined the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team, he had already rented out for a year and moved to Qingdao.

In the summer of 2019, Gao Shang switched to Beijing Enterprises.

No one thought that after one year, he might be bought out of the contract after being traded to Shanghai.

Screenshot of Weibo.

  At present, there is no official news on whether Gao Shang will be bought out, but no matter what the final result is, the reason why the former national youth "thigh" fell into such a situation is unavoidable.

  In reality, Gao Shang once performed in the CBA highlight, which may never be achieved by Wan Shengwei, but he did his best with his existing talents.

Perhaps the CBA players who are full of talents visible to the naked eye need to take a look at Wan Shengwei and think about the two philosophical questions: Who am I?

What do i want to be?

Two championships but three rings

  After joining Tongxi, although the positioning of the team needs further observation, Wan Shengwei is undoubtedly the player with the most honors in the team.

In the two seasons with the Guangdong team, he won the championship with the team, and it is worth mentioning that Wan Shengwei has three championship rings.

  In the opening game of the 2019-2020 season, the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team received their championship ring from last season at home. But embarrassingly, on the ring of Wan Shengwei, his name was written as "Wan Shengwei".

Subsequently, CBA remade a ring for Wan Shengwei, and the wrong version of the ring was auctioned for charity by both parties.

Screenshot of Weibo.

  This somewhat dumbfounding episode caused a lot of criticism from the CBA official and the Basketball Association at the time.

This ring event is like a microcosm of the CBA League in recent years, occasionally making mistakes, but has been committed to walking on the right path.

  A series of measures such as handling yin and yang contracts, formulating unified contracts, determining player salary caps, increasing the number of league games, updating the appearance design of the league, and developing more league peripherals have all achieved good results.

  After being affected by the epidemic this year, the CBA quickly responded, looking for experts to formulate a rematch plan, making the CBA lead the vast majority of domestic competitions in the rematch.

Judging from the ratings and other data, the CBA League after the epidemic has received a lot of attention.

On June 20, 151 days later, the 2019-2020 season China Men's Basketball Professional League (CBA) officially restarted.

The picture shows Nanjing Tongxi Vs Zhejiang Guangsha, paying tribute to medical staff before the game.

Image source: Visual China

  But at the same time, we must also see the shortcomings exposed by CBA.

In this year's playoffs, referees have repeatedly become the focus of debate among fans.

The emergence of controversy itself has a considerable impact on the image of the league. Although referee controversy is an unavoidable ailment in many professional leagues, if the CBA has higher development goals, it must try to solve this problem.

  In addition, judging from some games after the rematch of last season and the flow of players during the offseason, it is worth observing whether there will be a phenomenon of "weak and weaker" in the CBA.

Clubs that are not "wealthy" have suffered from the epidemic. Are some downstream teams becoming more conservative in choosing foreign aid and introducing domestic aid?

If this is the case, then the viewing of the league may be reduced.

  And all of this is like giving out a ring with a wrong name at an awards ceremony with perfect packaging and good atmosphere.

It is hoped that China’s campus basketball and professional basketball can continuously improve their own standards and provide more talents for Chinese basketball.