China News Service Client, September 4th. On the evening of the 3rd, the 9th round of the Chinese Super League began to compete. Shandong Luneng lost 0:1 to Jiangsu Suning and suffered a two-game losing streak. The Dalian team defeated Henan Jianye 4:0 and ushered in Two consecutive victories.

Luneng and Suning match statistics.

Image source: Chinese Super League

  In the 10th minute of the match between Suning and Luneng, Hao Junmin picked up a pass to Jin Jingdao on the right, and the latter hit the defender from a small angle to get out of the baseline.

In the 44th minute, Luneng drove a free kick into the penalty area and was cleared. Duan Liuyu shot the ball with his right foot outside the penalty area and the ball hit the crossbar.

  Easy side to fight again, in the 65th minute, Suning took the lead to break the deadlock.

Wu Xi sent a precise pass from the middle of the front court to the left of the penalty area, and Edel ran in place and hit the goal from a small angle.

In the 76th minute, Suning counterattacked to create a threat.

Wakaso got the ball in the midfield and quickly divided it to Edel. Edel took advantage of the situation and gave Teixeira a shot with a left foot. Han Rongze saved it bravely and Suning 1:0 Luneng.

Statistics of the match between Jianye and Dalian People.

Image source: Chinese Super League

  In the match between Dalianmen and Henan Jianye, less than 2 minutes after the start of the game, the Dalianmen scored in a flash, Sun Guowen kicked and passed from the left rib, and Longdong in the middle of the penalty area competed for the top. Before the ball lands, Longdong directly volleyed and scored the goal. .

  In the 30th minute, the Dalian native made another move. Jianye made a mistake in midfield. Larsson made a steal and dribbled the ball forward. The top of the penalty area was crossed diagonally. Long Dong chose to knock back and Hamsik made a kick and broke. network!

  In the 47th minute, the Dalian team intercepted the ball and counterattacked. After getting the ball from the front of Longdong Central Circle, it advanced to the center of the frontcourt. The ball was crossed to the left side of the penalty area, and Larsson scored with a low shot from the opposite corner.

  In the 65th minute, Jianye's header came to the top, and Longdong on the left dribbled into the penalty area. A pass was made from a small angle near the bottom line to create an own own.

In the end, the Dalianers 4:0 Henan Jianye ushered in two consecutive victories.