China News Service, Dalian, September 4th. Following the opening of spectator stands in the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League last month, the Dalian Division, another competition venue, welcomed the first batch of live fans on the 4th.

In the ninth round of the Chinese Super League that night, Guangzhou Evergrande and Guangzhou R&F staged a derby in the same city. R&F was evened by Evergrande with a first goal. In stoppage time, Evergrande’s foreign aid Paulinho made a lore match. 2:1 wins.

  Guangzhou Evergrande was the champion of the Chinese Super League last season. Since the start of the game, it has achieved six wins, one draw and one loss, ranking first in the Dalian Division A group.

Guangzhou R&F performed dismal, scoring only 6 goals in the first eight rounds, ranking second to last in the group, and the early departure of the foreign aid Zahavi, who scored 4 goals, was a big blow to R&F.

In the first round of the first half of the game, Guangzhou Evergrande beat R&F with a 5-0 victory, which is the most disparity so far this season.

  The competition that night was a test open competition in the Dalian Division. About 1,500 spectators watched the game live. During the game, fans wore masks throughout the game. When watching the game, each row was seated with two seats apart, and each row was separated by one row.

  Guangzhou R&F lacks the "scorer king" Zahavi, and Wei Shihao, who had previously performed well in the Evergrande team, also missed due to injury.

After the opening, the scene on both sides was relatively dull, and neither side made any achievements throughout the first half.

  After the Yibian war, Guangzhou R&F was the first to break the deadlock.

In the 62nd minute, the R&F team launched a counterattack. Huang Zhengyu scored with his left foot and a world wave helped R&F take the lead.

This is also Huang Zhengyu's first career goal in the Super League.

  After falling behind, the Evergrande team launched a fierce attack.

In the 70th minute, Taliska's long shot was saved by the opponent's goalkeeper.

In the 73rd minute, Taliska seized the opportunity and broke the net with a shot from the middle of the penalty zone. Evergrande equalized the score.

  In the 92nd minute of stoppage time, Xu Xin made a pass after breaking through the bottom line, and Paulinho, who was in the front of the small penalty area, easily scored with his right foot. Evergrande beat R&F with 2:1.

  Guangzhou R&F player Tang Miao said after the game that the team members worked hard and put in 200% of their efforts. The coach's deployment before the game was also very targeted.

"After Zahavi left, the team lacked a striker capable of scoring. This is a fact, but everyone did not give up when encountering difficulties. We are more excited to have fans watching the game."

  In the other three games in the ninth round of the Dalian Division earlier, the Dalian team beat Henan Jianye 4-0, Jiangsu Suning beat Shandong Luneng 1-0, Shanghai Shenhua and Shenzhen Kaisa made a goalless draw.

Currently, Guangzhou Evergrande and Jiangsu Suning are temporarily among the top two in the Dalian competition.

  According to reports, the Dalian competition area will also open the live stands in an orderly and limited manner. The number of spectators in the 10th to 14th rounds of the league will be determined in accordance with the requirements of Dalian's epidemic prevention and control situation and the Chinese Football Association. (Finish)