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Spain is green.

Very green.

Reciting his line-up at the end of the game (Óscar Rodríguez, Ansu Fati, Ferrán Torres, Mikel Merino, Pau Torres ...) refers to a revolution in progress, but even revolutions, vertiginous by definition, need a minimum of time.

And Luis Enrique's has just begun.



, the product of courage and a final push with more sweat than football, gives to qualify the analysis, since drawing with Germany, a gentleman team, at home, is a good result, but beyond the result, the Stuttgart night leaves a very real feeling in the atmosphere: that Spain, this Spain, is not yet ready to compete with the best teams in the world.

It is not one of them.

Although it can be.

Few things define Luis Enrique as much as his ability to modify his own opinions.

In the Asturian's last game on the bench (against Norway at Mestalla, on March 23, 2019)

Jesús Navas

was the starting right-back, and although among other things it was because Carvajal was injured, his good performance that night generated uncertainty in a place on the pitch that seemed to have a fixed owner in the Madridista.

Well, with


not competing for a month and with Navas on a streak winning a European final on the 22nd, the right-back went to the white player and the Sevilla player placed him as a winger in his classic, that is non-negotiable for now, 4-3-3 system.

Navas lasted three-quarters of an hour in the field leaving his place to

Ansu Fati

, a boy called to make history and who began to do so being the second youngest to debut with Spain.

But the Navas thing was one of the striking brushstrokes that Lucho left on his return, almost a year and a half later.


Well, for example, the renewal of its commitment to

David de Gea


The Manchester United goalkeeper does not pass, not even close, and for a long time, for a good moment, but the Asturian coach considers him the best and put him back in the place that

Robert Moreno

took away (to put Kepa) .

By the way, it was the best.

More brush strokes?

Well, putting Pau Torres, the Villarreal center-back, in his natural profile, moving Ramos to the profile where he least likes to play, the right.

Anything else?

Yes, the coach's insistence on


, again blurred in the rhythm at which most rivals play until, after the 1-0, he left another rookie,

Mikel Merino, in place


The Barça midfielder, along with Ramos, raises the average age of a team that, for now, it should be emphasized, is very green.

Werner's claw and final din

Germany, with some important absences, has had the same coach for 14 years, on the one hand, and a lot of good players, on the other.

With three center-backs, two wide-open






at the helm and the vertigo of






, he gave the impression of being well above Spain.

More confident in his actions, more reliable in his idea, the selection of Löw took a part in demonstrating that superiority, but in the end it did.

During the first half the thing was more or less equal, although always with that feeling of being below the rival.

A pair of good hands from De Gea left the score as it was, as the other hands,


, did not need to appear.

As soon as he returned from the booth, to rest, without time to see Ansu Fati's settlement,

Timo Werner

finished, yes, another three-touch play from Germany, who plays when he has to play, but above all runs when he has to run .

With the score already in favor, the Germans took a little step back looking to wrap themselves up a little.

It was something deliberate, he left the ball to Spain, who did what he could with it.

Without assimilated mechanisms, without gears to cling to, the national team fumbled with the ball and even had some option, such as a shot from


and another from


, which finally resembled Bayern's.

However, the robberies of the Germans gave more sense of danger than all the passes, mostly horizontal, of the Spanish.

Luis Enrique

, meanwhile, continued making people debut, perhaps looking to see if the inspiration of the unknown would allow the game to be traced.


Without a single player capable of breaking a line, outside with a pass, outside with a dribble, Spain, yes, did not lower their arms and, by the bravas, with effort and balls to the area, achieved the tie in a final din.

That success buys time for the revolution.

That is underway, yes.

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