Luca di Montezemolo, former president of Ferrari, was critical of the treatment that the Italian team is giving the German driver Sebastian Vettel and stressed that the four-time world champion mainly needs "an environment that supports, defends and protects him."

"Sebastian, like Michael Schumacher, needs to feel at home. He needs, like Michael, an environment that supports him, defends him and protects him from everything. This was the case with Michael with

Jean Todt

and what I did with

Niki Lauda

in my early days, "Montezemolo told the German channel 'RTL'.

Vettel, 33, will leave Ferrari at the end of this season after six years where he has not been able to shine as with Red Bull.

Unlike his compatriot and idol

Michael Schumacher

, who won five world titles with Montezemolo at the helm, he will do so without winning a championship and his future on the grid is still uncertain.

However, for whoever was the president of the 'Prancing Horse' from 1991 to 2014, the German "has never caused any problems, he has always worked as a team."

"He had victories that others would not have, in a car that was not always competitive," he said.

What Montezemolo did criticize was the way in which the rupture between the two parties occurred.

"I did not like the moment and the way in which the separation of 'Seb' occurred. In all aspects of life there are changes, but it is about the forms," ​​he said.

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