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  • Eric García.A new Piqué for Ramos

Luis Enrique

is not new to the square, much less the captain,

Sergio Ramos

, survivor of 'Eldorado' of our football.

But the circumstances and the majority of the faces place Spain in the same starting point that it was after the World Cup in Russia, after two lost years.

The most important reasons are not attributable to the actors, despite the deficient management of the relays on the bench, but to a cursed fate that led the Spanish coach to the worst of dramas, the loss of a son, and later left football in darkness due to a pandemic.

The new normal is, in reality, kilometer zero for a team that faces, today, a miura, Germany, with seven debutants and more unknowns.

Everything is pending, from the equipment to the system.

Everything, except the style, according to Luis Enrique.

The Asturian's fondness for the high pace of play, the pressure and the speed of the transitions is evident, characteristics that have already distinguished him as a footballer and with which he gave a successful turn to a Barça that was on the decline.

But that, had an impact yesterday in Stuttgart, without losing control of the game and possession, key vault of the style that made Spain champions in the past.

That conviction would explain the majority of offensive midfielders in their call-up for the games against Germany and Ukraine, next Sunday in Madrid.

«I want an associative style.

I do not like that the parties become a back and forth.

I want to have them controlled.

The frenzy is good if it suits us, not the rival, "explained the coach, who, however, was clear on the nuance:" I want to have the ball more than the rival, not to speculate, but to attack, and I want pressure to get it back ».

It is clear that the Spain you want is not the one that broke down with a sterile possession against Russia, at the rhythm of a car, but accelerated.

The same acceleration that the coach wanted at Barça when he arrived at the national team, but with a difference: while in the Barça team he kept the best aces of the good times, in the maximum splendor of the trident

Messi-Luis Suárez-Neymar

, with Spain they were gone.

The Asturian undertook an unprecedented 'casting' and agitated the selection as necessary, but without structurally stabilizing the team.

The result was a blazing Spain at times and very weak at others, as evidenced by the disparate results in the League of Nations, against England and Croatia, which prevented them from reaching the final phase.

It is the same tournament that he now returns to in a similar way.

If then he did it against England, at Wembley, now he starts in Germany.

Luis Enrique did not give any importance to not having a clear eleven, sheltered in his pragmatism.

"I seek to make the best possible team to win each game", without pointing out more horizons, or giving importance to the fact that there are only 10 players from the last call he made in his first stage.

The realist


fell for a positive for coronavirus, the same as

Adama Traoré

, with a confusing result in his analysis, although he could join to play against Ukraine, in the second game, if the doctors authorize it.


for his part, stopped concentrating before traveling due to knee swelling.

The only consolation is that the pandemic equals everyone in doubts, as the coach recognized, but his rival tonight is precisely one of the most stable teams, at a critical moment, in addition, of German football, as the Champions showed.

In addition to champion Bayern, in Lisbon another German team played the semifinals, Leipzig, with three coaches of the same nationality.

Spanish football was one of the losers in this scenario in a trend that is not good for the national team either, despite Sevilla's triumph in the Europa League.

The wind that comes does not really accompany the national team.

Joachim Löw

, on the other hand, has allowed himself to give rest to the stars of Bayern and pillars in the national team, with only two footballers,




, among those called up to face Spain.

The loss of goalkeeper Neuer is also joined by that of Barça goalkeeper

Ter Stegen

, who fell in the quarterfinals in Lisbon in front of his compatriots.

The relief he hopes will have to wait, given the state of form shown by the Bayern goalkeeper in the Champions League.

There is, however, the madridista

Toni Kroos


Löw was already a coach when

Luis Aragonés's


defeated Germany and ushered in a new era in Vienna in 2008. It was a very different zero kilometer.

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