Choosing who defends the


of is a very personal decision that usually marks the era of a coach.


was indisputable for Javier Clemente,


for Camacho or Del Bosque and even

De Gea

for Lopetegui.

Luis Enrique

has not yet found his guardian.

With the goals of the great teams in foreign hands, the names have been repeated in their calls, but no one can feel like a starter.

De Gea,


and newcomer

Unai Simón

fight for a bow that has no owner since Casillas stopped wearing the Red one.

De Gea and Kepa are the names that the Asturian inherited from



He used to complete the shortlist, and that is how it happened at the World Cup in Russia, Pepe Reina.

Later they were joined by

Pau López

and now the Athletic youth and European Under-21 champion.

All have had their lights and cast shadows that make it difficult for just one to acquire the title stripes.

De Gea still weighs the doubts he generated in Russia.

Among the fans and, above all, among her own teammates.

Isolated and suspicious since the judicial scandal that hit him in 2016, he feels more recognition in England than in his country.


Manchester he

is wrapped up and has the confidence of



Fourth least thrashed goalkeeper in the Premier (36), he became the

club's highest paid player

last September

with a contract until 2023, extendable for another year.


his gross mistakes have not gone away


Against Everton, a displacement attempt ended in assisting an opponent to score, a ball slipped between his hands against Watford and ended the season with two clamorous retinal failures against Chelsea (1-3) deprived the United from contesting the FA Cup.

"He knows he should have stopped that one 100 times out of 100



lamented the Norwegian coach.

Robert Moreno opted for Kepa

In Luis Enrique's first ten games on the national team's bench, De Gea started six of them.

The other four went to

Kepa Arrizabalaga

, who did chain titles during

Robert Moreno's



He was his goalkeeper in five of the eight games he led to Spain, adopting

a particular decision that Luis Enrique did not like


Now, faced with the possibility of reversing it, the performance of the Basque goal could serve as an almost unquestionable argument.

His path at Chelsea is strewn with brambles.

With a transfer of 80 million, Kepa became the most expensive goal in history in the summer of 2018 ... which has not lived up to expectations.

Even the veteran Willy Caballero has snatched his title in the Champions League.

His problems have not only been with Lampard, who sent him to the bench from January to March, but they started with Sarri.

In February 2019,

he refused to leave the field

in a Carabao Cup match. Challenging the coach cost him € 225,000 and endless criticism.

With a percentage of saves among the worst in the Premier League, Luis Enrique's call is a ball of oxygen for the Basque.

Then he will have to return to London, because the atypical market left by Covid makes his exit difficult.


Pau López

highly questioned by his notable mistakes in Roma, the figure of

Unai Simón

emerges with force.

After a 2019 in which he lost the title to Iago Herrerín and saw the European Under-21 from the bench due to an error in the first game against Italy, the Alava has consolidated himself in the Athletic goal, he has renewed his contract until 2025 and the season ended as the

least beaten Spanish goalkeeper

(29), behind only Courtois and Oblack.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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