Armand Duplantis improved his own world year best in pole to 6.07 at a square in Lausanne yesterday.

He also went on to break Sergei Bubka's outdoor world record of 6.14.

But because of the darkness, he interrupted the attempt after just one jump.

Clip: Darkness put an end to Armand Duplantis

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Armand Duplantis managed 6.07 before dark took over.

Photo: TT News Agency

Already tomorrow, Armand Duplantis has a new chance to break the record during the Diamond League competition in Brussels.

- It feels very good and there are quick bids when I jumped yesterday and two days later there is a new competition here in Brussels and I feel that I have energy.

I do not know how it will feel tomorrow, but I think it will probably feel good for it to feel okay, says Armand Duplantis to SVT Sport.

When you say okay, what do you mean?

- It's hard to say, hard to say.

When I'm in shape, six meters feels easier and easier.

But if I can run properly tomorrow, six meters is definitely possible.

"Hungry for more"

Last winter, Armand Duplantis broke the world record indoors and reaching the magical six-meter limit has now become everyday Armand Duplantis.

But the Swedish pole vault star is not happy there.

- All my life I have wanted to cross the six-meter limit and when you have done it for the first time, you just want to do it again.

It is difficult to zoom out and get down to earth to understand what you are doing right now.

I am a competitive person and just want to get better no matter what I do.

I'm hungry for more, says Armand Dupalntis to SVT Sport.