Technical director Mark Meijer thinks it is justifiable that the Dutch gymnastics association is resuming the women's top sport program after a month.

Even though the KNGU is now ensuring that trainers, who have recently been accused of mental and sometimes even physical abuse, are allowed to coach again this week.

The KNGU halted the top sports program at the end of July after a series of revelations about abuses in the gymnastics world.

The accused national trainers Vincent Wevers and Gerben Wiersma, among others, were put on hold and other coaches were asked to voluntarily step back.

They may resume their work this week, while the independent investigation has only just started.

"In my view, this solution does justice to the victims, I try to convey that in any case", Meijer defended the KNGU decision on Tuesday at a press moment at Papendal.

"It also does justice to the Olympic gymnasts, who can return to the room with their coach. Of course this creates tension and discussion, but we take responsibility for the current team."

The KNGU does attach conditions to the resumption of the top sports program.

For example, gymnasts must indicate in a statement with which coach they want to train, that person must be approved by the Institute for Sports Justice (ISR) and everyone is obliged to train at a central location in Nijmegen.

It is now clear that all gymnasts from the Olympic team - Sanne Wevers, Lieke Wevers, Eythora Thorsdottir, Vera van Pol, Tisha Volleman, Naomi Visser, Kirsten Polderman and Sanna Veerman - will be working with their old coach again.


Top sports program gymnasts resumed: they must meet these conditions

'The athletes do not choose this solution'

Meijer spoke a lot with the gymnasts in recent weeks and noticed that there was a lot of anger about the decision to stop the top sports program.

"It started with sadness and surprise and ended with anger. Above all, an enormous urge to survive emerged. They thought: I have to make sure that I can go to the Games with my own coach."

Although Olympic champion Sanne Wevers, for example, can train with her discredited father Vincent Wevers again from Thursday, the gymnastics team who was injured is not really satisfied with the hand out of the gymnastics association.

They would have preferred to be able to resume their old training habits.

"The athletes do not choose this, they wanted to go back to the old situation. This is an emergency solution. In any case, it was not an option for them to train with a different coach in the run-up to the Olympic Games", said Meijer.

"The gymnasts are now satisfied that they can train again with their own coach, but this also means that they have to leave their own familiar environment and go to Nijmegen. I cannot say that they are happy with that."

Vincent Wevers can coach his daughter Sanne Wevers again.

(Photo: Pro Shots)

'Always more eyes in the room, but not a police officer'

The gymnasts will train for the first time on Thursday at the central location in Nijmegen (the SportQube), where they can come five days a week.

An independent observer will be present regularly to monitor the situation.

"But it is not the case that there is a police officer checking everything from 9 am to 5 pm," emphasized Meijer.

"We are talking about adult women. Moreover, in addition to the trainers, there will also be medical attendants, for example, so there are always several eyes in the room."

Just like Wevers, the discredited Wiersma will be present in Nijmegen on Thursday.

"In consultation with Gerben, we are looking at meaningful matters that he can take on. That could also be within the Olympic selection. But during the independent investigation he will not take up any tasks as national coach."

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