Chinanews client, August 29th. On Tuesday, local time, Messi informed the La Liga Barcelona club of his intention to leave the team, and this incident continued to ferment globally. According to the latest reports from the Spanish media, Messi hopes to have talks with Barcelona's senior officials in the near future to discuss matters concerning leaving the team.

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  A few days ago, a number of media in Argentina and Spain stated that Messi has decided to leave Barcelona and he will use the leave clause. Later, there were signs that Messi was hoping to meet new challenges in his career. However, according to previous foreign media reports, Barcelona believes that the termination clause contained in Messi’s contract has expired, and therefore does not agree to Messi’s free departure, nor is it unwilling to discuss transfer matters with other teams, and insist on demanding 700 million liquidated damages. .

  Although foreign media said that Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and other teams have thrown an olive branch, but Messi and Barcelona are deadlocked. According to the latest reports from the Spanish media, Messi hopes to hold talks with Barcelona's top leaders in the near future. Where is Messi's future? I'm afraid it will take some time before there is a result.

In the early morning of July 1, Beijing time, in the 33rd round of La Liga, Barcelona played at home against Atletico Madrid. In the second half, Messi made a penalty kick, completing the 700th goal of his career. Messi completed this achievement in only 862 games. In the end, Barcelona drew with Atletico Madrid 2:2. The picture shows Messi celebrating the goal with his teammates.

  Messi, 33, came to Barcelona about 20 years ago and made his first team debut in 2003. Statistics show that in the 731 games played for the club, Messi scored 634 goals and 285 assists. With the team he won a number of championships including 10 La Liga and 4 Champions League. During the period, he personally won 6 times. Golden Globe Awards.

  In the just-concluded season, Messi’s La Liga goals and assists reached 20, making him the first player in La Liga history to unlock this achievement. However, in the UEFA Champions League semi-final 11 days ago, Barcelona was defeated by Bayern 8:2, no results this season. Messi also issued an ultimatum to the Barcelona club after that: if Barcelona does not make a fundamental change next season, he will transfer freely in the summer of 2021.

On the evening of August 14, local time, the 2019-2020 season Champions League quarter-finals staged a goal battle in Lisbon. In the end, Bundesliga hegemony Bayern Munich beat La Liga Barcelona 8-2 and advanced to the semi-finals. Such a disparate score also created the worst record in the history of Barcelona in the Champions League. The picture shows the Barcelona star Messi injured alone after the game. Image source: IC photo

  A few days ago, Barcelona coach Koeman took office. Some media said that it was the direct dialogue between Koeman and Messi that became the fuse for the latter's decision to leave. There are also voices that Messi no longer trusts the Barcelona board, thinking they are unable to reverse the situation and re-organize a more competitive team, and he does not like the way the club treats Suarez.

  After the news of Messi's departure from the team came to light, many former Barcelona players expressed their attitudes on social networks. The old captain Puyol expressed his support and he respected Messi's decision. Suarez issued an applauding emoji on Puyol's message to show his attitude. (Finish)