Yuzuru Hanyu Miss GP Series this season "To prevent the spread of corona infection" August 28, 18:32

Yuzuru Hanyu of figure skating will miss this season's Grand Prix series.

The Grand Prix series, which is held in 6 countries, is held from October every year, with top performers participating in the Grand Prix Final.

This season, the first tournament will be held in the United States in October, and in Japan the NHK Cup will be held in Osaka in November.

About this season's tournaments The International Skating Federation has announced a policy to limit the number of athletes participating in each tournament to those in the host country or those practicing in that host country as a measure against the new coronavirus. It was

Hanyu has participated in the Grand Prix series since 2010 and has won 12 times so far including the Grand Prix Final, but the Japan Skating Federation announced on the 28th that Hanyu will miss the Grand Prix series of this season. did.

Regarding the reason for missing, Hanyu said that it is necessary to carefully consider the action considering the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, and it is difficult for the coach living in Canada to come to Japan because he will accompany the tournament in Japan. The reason is that many people may move and gather by moving themselves, which may increase the risk of infection.

Hanyu said, "I think that if I try to suppress myself and prevent the spread of infection, it can be one of the activities to prevent the spread of infection. I hope that the new coronavirus will converge as soon as possible. I am here."

12 times in total

Yuzuru Hanyu has won the championship 12 times, including the Grand Prix series and the Grand Prix final where the top performers in the series participate.

In addition to the overwhelming performance, he also performed an impressive slide.
Hanyu entered the Grand Prix series for the first time at the NHK Cup in 2010, when he made his senior debut at the age of 16, and made 4th place with a successful quad jump.

In 2011, he overcame the adversity of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which affected the link in Sendai City, where he practiced, and won the first Grand Prix series at the Russian Games. In addition, I participated in the grand prix final for the first time and came in 4th place.

In 2012, he won the NHK Cup for the first time, and in 2013 at the Grand Prix Final held in Fukuoka City, he won the first victory by updating the world's highest score at the time of the short program.

After winning a gold medal at the Sochi Olympics, at the 2014 Chinese tournament, I was injured by a hard hit with another player during practice just before my acting, but I participated by putting taping on my head and came in second. ..
In addition, in the 2015 NHK Cup, the world's first short program and free total scored over 300 points.

Hanyu achieved four consecutive victories in 2016 at the Grand Prix Final. In last year's Grand Prix series, he won the Canadian Games and the NHK Cup, and was second in the Grand Prix Final.