The entire Swedish biathlon elite is on site in Dala-Järna for the weekend's three Swedish Championship days. Everyone - except Stina Nilsson, who due to injury was forced to turn down her championship debut in biathlon. Nilsson recently fell on a downhill slope and suffered a minor fracture at the elbow.

The Swedish Championships will still be very interesting because, especially on the women's side, there are important competitions before the winter World Cup. There are six starting places in the World Cup, but almost double the number of skiers has a good chance of challenging for a place.

Hanna Öberg is challenged by, among others, little sister Elvira Öberg, Mona Brorsson and many others with national team merits.

Also on the men's side, the entire Swedish elite is in place, with Sebastian Samuelsson as the biggest name.

The best ranked start last

- This weekend will be extra important for the skiers who are just outside the A national team, says national team coach Johannes Lukas to SVT Sport.

- It will be the first big highlight of the summer. We have prepared together, with both speed passes and some competition passes, but we look forward to the Swedish Championships as a major competition element. It will be a chance to see where the riders stand right now. I think the shape can be good in several places.

New for this year's SM is that the best ranked riders start last, instead of being drawn in the start list.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the competitions are run at Snöå ski stadium, as in so many other places, without an audience. But SVT Sport broadcasts starting at 15.50 today.

Here is the broadcast:

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Aug 28 15.50 Photo: Bildbyrån