Salem Hadid: The team needs to review its accounts if it wants to retain the league title

6 loopholes in Sharjah exposed by the friendly quartet session

  • Sharjah lost to Ajman in the first round of the friendly quarter-final 1-2. Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

  • Salem Hadid: "With all due respect to the club's management decision, however, the departure of Ryan Mendez to Al-Nasr left a void and constituted a great technical loss."


The Sharjah team’s matches in the friendly four-way round against the Ajman teams, which they lost 1-2, and the Kalba Federation, in which they drew 2-2 as part of the preparations for the new season that will start next month in the Arabian Gulf Cup, revealed six gaps in the ranks of the Gulf Arab League title holder the season before the past.

The gaps were the poor physical fitness of a large number of players because they kept away from playing for a long time since last March 15th, and the lack of readiness for the new season despite the great challenge that awaits the team, especially as it will fight on more than one internal front in the league, the Arab Gulf Cup and the President's Cup, and externally in The AFC Champions League, the instability of the technical staff with the life of coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari on the starting lineup, and the lack of harmony and understanding between some of the players to attract the team new elements that gave the technical staff the opportunity to participate in this session.

It was clear that Sharjah needed a spearhead and an outspoken striker who knew his way to the net in light of the failure of Caio Lucas to appear at the required technical level, and the Brazilian team icon Igor Cornado did not appear at his true level yet, and the level of striker Ricardo Gomez, who participated in the second half of the team's first match in the tournament against Ajman, while he was not even in the reserve bench during the Ittihad Kalba match, and the team was affected by the recent departure of its former player Ryan Mendes to Al-Nasr club, although his contract is still valid with the team as the player was an understanding bilateral on the field with Igor, in addition to a defect in the line The defense is what caused the loss to Ajman, and the team's failure to maintain its progress in the Kalba match, in addition to the ease with which the team scored goals, unlike what was happening in the past.

Although the team was ahead in its first match against Ajman with a goal in the first half, scored by Luan Pereira, it did not hold out much in the second half and conceded two goals in a row, and the same scenario was repeated in the Kalba match, as Sharjah was ahead with two goals without a response But Ittihad Kalba returned to the match and scored two goals in a row, noting that Sharjah concluded its four-round matches yesterday, by meeting Khor Fakkan.

For his part, the former international player in the national team and the Sharjah Club and legal advisor Salem Hadid considered that “Sharjah should review his accounts well before the start of the tournament which he begins by meeting the Fujairah team,” considering that “if he wants to preserve the league title, he is in dire need of The presence of an outspoken striker, it is expected that the club has completed the procedures of contracting with him as a substitute for Gomez in order to make the difference in the team's ranks.

Salem Hadid told Emirates Al-Youm: “With respect to the club’s management’s decision, the departure of former team player Ryan Mendes to Al-Nasr Club left a void and formed a great technical loss for the team. He had a strong presence in the team’s ranks and had a great weight on the field. He bore the greatest burden in the team when Igor Kornado was absent due to the injury he had suffered, in addition to that Caio Lucas, although he was a good player, did not appear at the required technical level except in some matches only.

The 6 vulnerabilities

1- Poor physical fitness and not being prepared as required for the new season.

2- There was a defect in the defense that caused the team to lose against Ajman and a draw against Kalba.

3- The instability of the technical staff on the basic formation, and the absence of harmony between some players.

4- The team’s lack of an open striker.

5- Ease of receiving targets, unlike what was happening in the past.

6- The effect of the absence of the former team player Mendes, who was forming a duo with Igor.


Last March, football activity in the country stopped due to Corona.

The king needs an honest striker who knows his way onto the net.

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