Good afternoon and welcome to the live blog of AZ-Viktoria Plzen! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed about this match in the second heat of the Champions League.

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AZ-Viktoria Plzen one minute ago

Oussama Idrissi looks old-fashioned to his opponent and has a curl shot in mind with his right, but he cannot for the time being implement that against the stiff Viktoria Plzen. The club from the Czech Republic has things well organized defensively, even though AZ dominates in-house.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen · 5 minutes ago

23 'AZ seems to have found the key with quick changes of position and a retracting Teun Koopmeiners, who finds Myron Boadu with a splitting through pass. Ultimately, the ball goes to Calvin Stengs, but a defender of Viktoria Plzen crawls with his head just in front. AZ is getting stronger and stronger.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 11 minutes ago

17 'After a muscle injury, Calvin Stengs plays his first game in the new season, but that does not mean that he can no longer do magic with his velvet left leg. The attacker focused on Dani de Wit, who was stopped by the defense of Viktoria Plzen and was just unable to put his head behind the ball.

11 minutes ago

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 13 minutes ago

15 'Despite the Alkmaar dominance, the first chance of the match comes in the name of Viktoria Plzen. Ales Cermak gets a cross from the right flank on the head and heads in hard, but AZ goalkeeper Marco Bizot can easily catch the toy in his hands.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 16 minutes ago

12 'AZ may have had a dramatic preparation, in this match against Viktoria Plzen we discern the first contours of the team that surprised friend and foe last season with fresh attacking play. The Alkmaarders are on the ball a lot and try to break through via the wings, but for the time being Viktoria Plzen is holding on easily.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 22 minutes ago

5 'AZ immediately seizes the initiative in their own stadium and carefully plays the ball around in their own half. The intentions of the Alkmaarders are clear, but the pace is still on the low side. For the time being, it is still a question of exploring the AFAS Stadium.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 29 minutes ago

Kick-off! The ball rolls in the windy AFAS Stadium. AZ-Viktoria Plzen is on its way. Will the Alkmaarders reach the next preliminary round of the Champions League after a dramatic preparation?

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 30 minutes ago

The players of AZ and Viktoria Plzen drip onto the field in AFAS Stadium one by one. The game in the second heat of the Champions League is about to begin.

30 minutes ago

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 36 minutes ago

This is the setting for AZ's match of the year: an empty AFAS Stadium. In ten minutes the ball will roll in Alkmaar at AZ-Viktoria Plzen.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 2 hours ago

Viktoria Plzen is a provincial club from the Czech Republic that has already competed in the Champions League three times since 2011. A profile of AZ's upcoming opponent.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 2 hours ago

AZ will be the first Dutch club to play an official match since March 8 this year (FC Groningen-PSV), 170 days ago. The Eredivisie was prematurely demolished due to the corona crisis.

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 2 hours ago

AZ with Stengs and Vlaar against Viktoria Plzen
Calvin Stengs and Ron Vlaar start the kick-off at AZ for the important Champions League game with Viktoria Plzen (kick-off at 4.30 pm). The duo recovered from injuries just in time. Trainer Arne Slot said yesterday that both players would make their appearance against Plzen, but not that they would also start in the base.

Setup AZ:  Bizot; Svensson, Vlaar, Koopmeiners, Wijndal; Midtsjø, De Wit, Clasie; Stengs, Boadu, Idrissi.

Arrangement Viktoria Plzen:  Hruska; Havel, Hejda, Brabec, Limbersky; Bucha, Kalvach, Cermak; Mihalik, Beauguel, Kopic.

2 hours ago

AZ-Viktoria Plzen 2 hours ago

AZ is provisionally for the game of the year in an hour and a half. In the second qualifying round of the Champions League, the team of trainer Arne Slot takes on Czech Viktoria Plzen. Normally, the preliminary round is a diptych, but because of the corona crisis, UEFA has made it one match. So it is make or break for AZ. No spectators are welcome at the duel in Alkmaar.

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