Whether Finnkampen will be eliminated this year is still uncertain. In any case, it is clear that if it goes off the rails as planned in Tampere, Finland, 5-6 September, it will be without Armand Duplantis.

This is confirmed by Daniel Wessfeldt, manager of the world record holder in pole vault, for Aftonbladet.

- No, it has been difficult enough to plan a season and we have not been able to sit and wait to be told if there will be a Finnkamp or not. Especially not when the whole world is screaming for him, he tells the newspaper.

Too many competitions

The hope is that Finnkampen can be carried out the first weekend in September, days that are caused by an already hectic schedule for "Mondo".

- He jumps in both Lausanne and Brussels the days before and it will be too much with three competitions in such a short time, says Wessfeldt.

Whether Finnkampen gets rid of depends on whether the Finnish government will decide on exemptions from the current travel restrictions for foreign elite athletes.

CLIP: 6.01 and new world year best of Duplantis (23 August 2020)

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Armand Duplantis cheers at Stockholm Stadium. Photo: Bildbyrån