In September, the thirteenth edition of The Masters of the Masters will be decided, on the Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne. This is the first time the program has been recorded in Sweden and the reason is of course the uncertain situation around covid-19 in the Mediterranean area.

Ten former sports stars gather for this year's championship meeting, outside Båstad. As usual, some are real veterans, others have just finished their careers. And just like previous years, knocked out gets a second chance in the Master Qualification.

Last year, the Olympic champion in slalom, Frida Hansdotter was second after the victorious Michel Tornéus. This time it is the Olympic champion André Myhrer who is chasing the final victory.

- Both Frida and Stenis (Ingemar Stenmark) have done well before. Frida's record in Järgarvilan is the sickest I've seen. Now it will be fun to be a part of it yourself and it will be fun to meet the other participants. It's a good mix.

How is the shape?

- I have been a bit lazy since I quit last winter but I have driven a pass now, before leaving. Though I would have felt safer if I had been in better shape.

Myhrer gets Frida Östberg's tips

Former tennis profile Johanna Larsson is looking forward to a different trip to a Båstad where she has competed so many times before.

- It will be shitty exciting. They seem to have so much fun when they meet, all former athletes. And I hope for similar successes as I had in Båstad before, she says to SVT Sport.

Around two million viewers usually follow the Masters of the Masters, which will be broadcast next spring 2021.

- I really look forward to all conversations and hear many stories, says SVT-sports football expert Frida Östberg, who was present when Umeå and the women's national team were the best.

Have you tried Jägarvilan at home?

- Lol. No, I'm not so much for the static. Rather run.

Who is winning?

- André is probably with us for a long, long time.

André Myhrer himself believes in two other names:

- Johan Olsson and Therese Alshammar are certainly in really good shape.

ARCHIVE: Hansdotter's crazy record - stood 26 minutes in 90 degrees (April 27, 2020)

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Frida Hansdotter's crazy record - stood 26 minutes in 90 degrees Photo: SVT