Professional baseball player Lotte Omine pitches again under control registration contract August 23, 17:46

On the 23rd, Lotte, a professional baseball player, signed a contract with Yuta Omine, who had been contracted as a training player due to surgery on his right elbow, on the 23rd.

32-year-old pitcher Omine played an active part in Koshien at Yaeyama Shoko High School in Ishigaki City, Okinawa, and joined Lotte in 2007 as the first high school draft.

In 2015, the eighth year, he won the most wins for himself, but he received "Tommy John's surgery" to repair the right elbow ligament that was injured in January last year. There was no pitching either.

This season, which I signed as a training player, I pitched 8 games in 2 troops so far, 4 wins and 1 loss, leaving an ERA of 2.84, and Lotte signed a contract with Omine pitcher again as a registered player under control. ..

The new uniform number has been set to 64.

Omine pitcher said, "I'm relieved at first. I was worried, but I told myself that it wouldn't get any worse, and I was rehabilitating with the feeling that I would definitely get better. Now I am confidently throwing straight. I'm finally at the starting line, so I want to do my best for the team from now on."

Naoki Matsumoto, the general manager of the baseball team, said, “I have achieved solid results in the 2nd army and returned to the point where the ball speed reached 150 km, so I decided that it would be a strength. Since it is a pitcher with a proven track record of throwing long innings, I will start in order to survive the summer from now on. I want you to do it as a long relief."