The competitors did not manage to challenge Armand Duplantis at the DL gala at Stockholm Stadium. The 20-year-old was in a class of his own.

He planned to win the pole vault competition. Then he flew over 6.01 meters. Duplantis is praised by SVT Sports expert Alhaji Jeng who thinks it is strong to reach those heights as it is difficult conditions due to the wind.

- It's completely insane. To jump 6.01 in these external conditions. You have to understand that these are not the best conditions, he still jumps 6.01, says Jeng in SVT Sports' broadcast.

Tried at 6.15

Kajsa Bergqvist agreed:

- It is incomparable, she says.

Duplantis made three attempts at 6.15, but failed in all attempts.

The broadcast from the Stadium is in progress and you can see it here:

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Bauhaus Gala 2020 Photo: Bildbyrån