Angels Otani No bats at 20 bats Own record update August 23, 10:56

On the 22nd, Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels, was a No. 5 hitter in the athletics match with a No. 5 designated hitter.
Otani has a 20-bat hit and has set his own worst record.

On the 22nd, Otani started the match for athletics in the opponent's hometown, Auckland, for the first time in two games with a No. 5 designated hitter.

Otani chose the foreball from the 1st at-bat and 2nd-base for the 1st at-bat against the starting right pitcher.

However, the 3rd 2nd bat was a light fly, the 5th 3rd batted out a 148km fast ball, and the 7th 4th batted out with a short error against the left pitcher.

Otani ended with no hits after three shots, and the batting average was reduced to 10 minutes and 5 minutes.

In this match, Otani faced with a batting form to raise his right foot, which he had been working on until the 3rd bat at Kotoshi Camp, and at the 4th bat that he played against the left pitcher, he tried to make a mistake without raising his right leg again. However, with this, there was no 20 at bats hit, and the self worst record was set.

The Angels won 4 to 3 and stopped their streak at 4.