Evergrande won the first round of Group A and continued to lead. Image source: Official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  China News Service, August 21, Beijing time on the evening of the 20th, the sixth round of the Super League continues. In the focus battle of Group A, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Jiangsu Suning 2:1 and continued to lead in Group A. In another game, the Dalianers lost to Shenzhen Kaisa 2:3 and missed their first win of the season.

  In the match between Evergrande and Suning, Wei Shihao was not included in the competition list due to leg discomfort. The Suning team put Teixeira and Wu Xi on the bench.

  At the beginning of the game, the Evergrande team quickly took the initiative on the court. In the 24th minute, Yang Liyu broke into the penalty area and was brought down. The referee awarded a penalty kick. Exxon took the lead in no time and Evergrande took the lead. But in the 38th minute, Zhang Linpeng fouled in defense and was sent off after receiving her second yellow card in the game.

  After the score was behind, Suning replaced the top star Teixeira and captain Wu Xi at halftime. Their substitutions also had an effect. In the 53rd minute, Teixeira made a pass and Evergrande kicked the ball on Edel's leg to refract it into the net during the clearance. The score became 1:1.

  In the subsequent game, the Evergrande team replaced He Chao and Talisca with Zheng Zhi and Fernando. Suning replaced defender Li Ang with forward Huang Zichang. However, Suning, who was committed to scoring, failed to seize the opportunity to play more and less. Instead, his own defense made a low-level error. In the 83rd minute, Miranda returned the goalkeeper, but Gu Chao's shot went directly to Paulinho at the edge of the penalty area. Paulinho gladly accepted the gift and calmly shot the score to 2:1. With this goal, Evergrande won the battle for the top 2:1 and continued to rank first in Group A.

Shenzhen ended a four-game losing streak, and Dalian people missed the first win of the season. Image source: Official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  In another match, Dalian, who was the last in Group A, played against Kaisa, who was third in Shenzhen. At the beginning of the game, the Dalianers quickly launched several threatening offenses, but they were the first to lose the ball instead of gaining power. In the 12th minute, Gao Lin kicked the goal from the left side of the penalty area. Dalian goalkeeper Zhang Chong made a low-level error and was pierced through the "small door", 1:0, with a deep foot lead. Eight minutes later, the Dalian team made a mistake again in the defense, and Preciado seized the opportunity to rush to the top to expand the lead for the deep foot.

  The Dalianers, who fell behind by two goals, made adjustments at halftime, and Sun Guowen replaced Wang Yaopeng. In the 48th minute, Long Dong scored with a header from the opponent, and the Dalian team pulled it back. In the 55th minute, Larsson scored the ball and Rondon made the ball to Hamsik behind him in the penalty area, who followed up and scored. The cooperation between the three foreign players helped the Dalian team tie the score 2:2. However, in the 73rd minute, Zheng Dalun broke through and made Larson fouled. The referee gave a penalty kick. Mali made it in one stroke. In the end, the Shenzhen team won 3:2 and ended their previous 4-game losing streak. The Dalian native It missed the first win of the season. (Finish)