It was in the premiere against Dackarna that Peter Ljung crashed hard in the eleventh heat. After Ljung collided with a driver from Dackarna, he drove at full speed straight into the air fence, was thrown over the rim and then collided with a pole.

Peter Ljung suffered a concussion. After the crash, he has undergone the brain ladder and tonight the Vetlanda driver made a sensational comeback.

Points immediately

Already in the first round, Peter Ljung took points when he went in behind the heat's fastest, who was the Pirates' Peter Kildemand. Ljung followed it up with a point in the sixth heat - but in the eighth he stood over.

The match between Vetlanda and Piraterna was even. After seven heats, the home team barely led 21-20 - but then the home team made a move when they won the eighth heat with 4-2. After that, Vetlanda took his first five through Brady Kurtz and Michael Härtel, which meant 30-23 after nine rounds.

Winner of the comeback

Vetlanda then never let go of their superiority and eventually won by a full 55-34. The best scorer in the home team was Brady Kurtz who scored eleven points. Peter Ljung scored a total of five points after taking two more in the eleventh heat.

CLIP: Here Peter Ljung crashes badly in the elite series premiere (11 August 2020)

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Nasty crash in Vetlanda Photo: Screenshot