Angels Otani No 3 hits No hit team also lost 2 consecutive games August 20 19:27

Shohei Otani of Major League League, Angels, played for the Giants on the 19th and was a three-hit no-hit.

On the 18th, Otani, who had four hits and no hits, dropped his batting average to 10%. On the 19th, he played for the Giants in the opponent's hometown, San Francisco, as a No. 5 hitter.

Otani fell to the pitcher Goro because the timing was not the same for both the first and second bats at four times.

The third at-bat in the 6th inning, which sought 4 points, chose a foreball from the two-out second-base scene and ran to the base, and the 8th in-bat was a center fly.

Otani had no hits in three hits and had no hits in two consecutive games, so the batting average was reduced to 10 minutes and 3 minutes.

The Angels lost 2 to 7 for the second straight loss.

In addition, in this match, Albert Poohors of the Angels lined up with Alex Rodriguez, who was active in the Yankees and so on, scoring 2086 RBIs in 2nd place in the major leagues.

In the major leagues, the RBI since 1920 is recognized in the official record, and Hank Aaron's 2297 RBI is the first overall RBI.