Speedwaysverige held its breath when Peter Ljung crashed hard in Vetlanda's home meeting with Dackarna last Tuesday. Heather was thrown over the ledge and struck unconscious after colliding with a light pole on the road.

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Nasty crash in Vetlanda Photo: Screenshot

"Feel that you are not 18 anymore"

A week later, Ljung has returned home from the hospital, and is feeling so well that he plans to drive already on Thursday when his Vetlanda meets the Pirates.

- I feel good, it's a little tough in the body, but it gets better every day so it looks bright. I have a little pain in my body, a little leg, a little back and a little everywhere ... you feel like you are not 18 anymore when you went on bangs like this, so it takes a little longer than it usually does, says Peter Ljung.

Dramatic crash images were wired out, and Ljung agrees that it looks nasty when he has seen the images afterwards.

- It's a rough bang. It looks really nasty. It feels like there was someone up there who wanted me a little extra well this time, that you hit the post from the side and not straight from the front. There are small margins, and you are grateful that it went as well as it did when you see the bang, says Peter Ljung who escaped with a concussion and three broken ribs.

Hit some somersaults

He also remembers the crash before he was knocked unconscious.

- It's one of my worst crashes. Mainly because the speed was exactly at the maximum, and it did not stop before the fence. I remember thinking I had to relax now ... and I hit some somersaults there and become like a rag doll in the air. That was probably what saved a little too, because if you receive it at that speed, you know that something is breaking, says Peter Ljung.

The flight was dangerous and stopped right in front of the stands.

- I came across the safety zone with the top and the metal railing that is behind that zone as well. The pole stopped me otherwise I do not know how far I had come. Then I apparently landed on a dustbin, and if it had been open I would probably have stood straight up and down in it, says Ljung with a little distance to the lap.

Will continue

He has no qualms about continuing.

- No, I've been out for this before. Mentally, one must try to forget it. But you probably felt that the Kevlar might be the last suit you wore, but it worked out this time and you have to say that I was lucky on my side, says Peter Ljung.