OL face Bayern Munich on Wednesday night for a place in the Champions League final. Lyon, which has within its organization ... a certain Tony Parker. Close to Jean-Michel Aulas, the former glory of French basketball believes that OL can dream of a feat against the Munich ogre.


He comes to bring his paw, and perhaps already his mojo: Tony Parker, legend of French basketball, was appointed in July to the board of directors of OL Groupe, the governing body of Olympique Lyonnais. Coincidence or coincidence: it is when Parker, used to winning titles on the floors of the NBA, arrives that Lyon achieves its most beautiful European course. OL face Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Wednesday evening for a place in the final (9 p.m.). And Tony Parker believes in it: "We want to continue dreaming, to believe in another feat," he enthuses at the microphone of Europe 1.

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"For French football it's just huge"

President of ASVEL, the Lyon-Villeurbanne basketball club, Tony Parker has approached Olympique Lyonnais in recent years at the same time as the two sports entities were setting up synergies (OL is a shareholder of the 'ASVEL and will finance its new basketball hall). To the point that it is rumored that the former captain of the France team, very active since his retirement from sports in 2019, could one day succeed Jean-Michel Aulas, the omnipresent president of OL ...

"I am very happy for Jean-Michel Aulas, for the team and for the club… I can say 'for us' even now!", Rejoices Tony Parker. He praises OL's European career: "You have to appreciate these moments, it's not every day that you go to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Leaving Juve and Manchester City is when even something. It's an achievement! "Hail the former NBA champion. "For French football it's just huge."