Angels Otani No hit, batting average 10% 9:31 on August 19th

On the 18th, Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels, started as a No. 5 hitter in the Giants match, reducing the batting average to 10% with no hits in 4 shots.

On the 18th, Otani, who had left the starting team for the first time in 11 games, adjusted by making early batting practice, and on the 18th, he started the Giants match at home in Anaheim with the fifth and designated hitter.

The Giants starter was Trevor Cahill, who belonged to the same angels last season, with Otani having one bat at first in the 148km fastball and four strikes foul fly to the catcher. I fell to

The third at-bat in the 7th inning was a short goro against the third left pitcher, but he got a base due to an error from the opponent, and the fourth at-bat in the ninth inning fell to the short goro with a chance of a no-out second base and third base, but gave up the RBI. It was

Otani reduced the batting average to 10/9/min with 1 RBI and 4 hits.

Angels lost 2 to 8 in the match.

Otani hasn't improved with 19 hits and 2 hits in the last five games, and in particular, he has been hitting 1 hit with 19 hits this season against the subject left pitcher.