Approval of 9 games at the Asian Youth Paralympic Games in Bahrain

The Asian Paralympic Committee headed by Majid Al-Usaimi approved 9 games in the Asian Youth Paralympic Games, scheduled for Bahrain in November 2021. This followed the first coordination meeting that was held yesterday through the application of "Zoom" for the Asian Committee, based in Dubai, with the Local Organizing Committee in Bahrain headed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa.

It discussed the stages of preparation and preparation for the largest Asian humanitarian event, which is expected to receive more than 5,000 visitors, including players, coaches, administrative and technical apparatus, and escorts in 9 different sports.

Many aspects related to organization were discussed, including government support, the date of launching the logo, facilities and services equipment such as stadiums, halls, tracks and squares, means of transportation and transportation, a plan for publicity and promotion, the role of volunteers in serving the event, and the countdown for hosting and organizing to qualify local public opinion for positive interaction with The course.

The competitions were approved in 9 different games, the venue for the competitions, the locations of halls, stadiums, fields and tracks, hotels and transportation for the players and the participating teams, the features of the opening and closing ceremonies, and plans for community integration in the tournament through an advertising and promotion campaign, and the media aspects of the session were addressed on the one hand. Television broadcast rights to broadcast competitions on a large scale, and talk about the activities accompanying the course that aim to develop cadres working with people of determination, including coaches, classifiers and referees in Asia, as these elements are responsible for raising the competence of players.

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