Angels Shohei Otani 4 RBI 1 Hits Aug 17 9:38

Shohei Otani of the major league league, Angels, started the game with the No. 5 batter in the Dodgers match on the 16th, and was one hit in four at bats.

On the 16th, Otani played the Dodgers match at the hometown of Anaheim on the 16th with a No. 5 batsman for 10 consecutive games.

The Dodgers' starter was 22-year-old Dustin May, who also served as the opening pitcher of the season, and has a 158km straight fastest and a sinker that changes sharply at about the same speed.

Otani carried the first bat at two times, carrying Mayor's 157-kilometer sinker, which was the first match, in front of Wright, and made the first hit in two games.

The 4th 2nd bat was missed by the 144km change-up, and the 6th 3rd bat fell to the second pitcher against the 3rd left pitcher. was.

Otani has a batting average of 20/3 with just one hit in four.

In the match, the Angels lost 3 to 8 for the fourth straight loss.