US Black Players Baseball League 100th Anniversary Event August 17, 14:52

An event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of a baseball league for black players in the first half of the 20th century in the United States was held in each major league match on the 16th.

The black player's professional baseball league, the Nigro League, started in earnest in 1920 and was being played for about 40 years by black players who failed to play in the major league due to racism.

The league disbanded in 1960, when black players began to play in the major leagues, but since this is the 100th anniversary of its founding, events will be held at each major league match on the 16th. It was

At the event, players, managers, and referees from all teams wore commemorative patches to compete.

Among them, the Marlins players played in reprinted uniforms of the Miami Giants, a team of black baseball professional baseball leagues that used to be based in Miami.

Some Marlins players also wore spikes with the message "They played for us. We can do it."

In addition, in the official Twitter of the major league, a video showing hats and appreciation and respect was also posted, and former basketball star players such as Magic Johnson and former President Obama appeared.

As the protests of racism spread throughout the United States, the ancestors who played while fighting discrimination are drawing attention beyond the boundaries of the sports world.