The "primary school game" in your eyes has energy beyond imagination.

TS team won the championship trophy

  For many people who do not pay much attention to e-sports, the impression of the four words "Glory of the King" may still remain at the stage of "primary school game". Is there a world champion for such a game?

  The answer is yes. In fact, as the game itself and related e-sports continue to develop, the understanding of them also needs to be updated.

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of the event organizer

  On the evening of the 16th, the 2020 King of Glory World Champions Cup finals came to an end with the night of Beijing Wukesong. In the final battle, a 7-game 4-win system was adopted. The TS team pulled four consecutive games in a "big headwind" state of losing three games first, staged a miraculous reversal, and won the current World Cup with a score of 4:3.

  This is the first time the TS team has stepped onto the throne of the World Cup, and the new king was born.

TS win poster

  The Glory of Kings World Champions Cup is the official highest-level professional promotion event of Glory of Kings. The whole year is divided into World Champions Cup and Winter Champions Cup. The competition is divided into three parts: a trial, a group stage, and a knockout stage. The two teams that participated in the finals this time both advanced to the World Championship finals for the first time.

  Among them, TS is the 2020 King of Glory Professional League (KPL) Spring Championship. In the semi-finals, they defeated Chengdu AG to advance to the finals. DYG is gradually improving in the World Championship, and advance to the finals after defeating MTG.

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of the event organizer

  King of Glory, like the popular League of Legends and DOTA2 in the e-sports circle, are MOBA games, also known as multiplayer online technical competitive games. In layman's terms, five players choose different heroes to fight against each other, and destroy the opponent's base crystal as a sign of victory.

  Different from the other two games, Honor of Kings is a mobile game, while DOTA2 and League of Legends are computer games. This feature undoubtedly lowers the entry barrier of King Glory, which also makes it attract some younger users, which in turn makes many people have the impression of a "primary school game".

  But in the professional e-sports field of the glory of kings, it is not that simple to become a top player. Like other e-sports events, players also need to train hard.

The players representing China in the Jakarta Asian Games King of Glory event made a collective appearance. Photo by Zhai Lu from China News Service

  In the eyes of outsiders, if they are really talented and willing to work hard, there is indeed hope for some breakthroughs on the road to e-sports. When the IG team in the Chinese mainland division of the League of Legends stood on top of the world, I am afraid that many people have known them from the circle of friends. Last year, the FPX team continued to write a legend, representing the mainland China Division once again dominating the roost, and the Chinese team's dominance in this project was once again upgraded.

  The same goes for the glory of the king. Although this is a game that "made its fortune" from China, many foreign teams still come to "kicks" under the banner of challengers in the World Championship every year. Fortunately, the local team has never let the championship honour be ignored.

  In 2018, e-sports became a performance project of the Jakarta Asian Games for an unprecedented time, and it has caused many discussions. Among them, the first gold medal in the history of the Asian Games e-sports event came from the King of Glory International Edition. The Chinese team won the gold medal in all four games in the event.

  At the Kailapajadin Sports Plaza, the e-sports venue for the Asian Games in Jakarta, the Glory of Kings team from China explained what a "king" is with their performance on the field. Through their own efforts, they let the national flag rise and the national anthem played.

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of the event organizer

  By the end of 2018, the Pro League of Glory of Kings announced an upgrade to the competition system to enhance the competitive nature of the game. At that time, the KPL League activated the global BP rules. The so-called BP is "Ban" and "Pick", which means that in the game, each team can choose to ban several heroes in each round, and then choose the hero they want to use.

  The global BP means that in a game of four wins in seven rounds, the heroes that have been used in the first six rounds cannot be used again. In the seventh round of the "peak duel" mode, the opponent's lineup selection is not visible, and players can choose heroes without restriction.

  Under such rules, players need to have a lot of skilled heroes to cope with high-level competitions. Unlike ordinary players "a few unique skills to fight the world", this requires a strong learning ability and a lot of practice.

  This year's World Championships total prize amount reached 32 million yuan. Among them, the basic bonus is 16 million yuan, and the exclusive skin income of World Crown also injected 16 million yuan into the bonus pool.

The audience enters the venue. Photo courtesy of the event organizer

  In addition, the impact of the glory of the king may also exceed many people's imagination. On August 15th, at the Beijing International E-Sports Innovation and Development Conference, Cheng Wu, Vice Chairman of the International E-Sports Federation (GEF) and Vice President of Tencent Group, introduced: “The KPL Spring Finals will be broadcast to 197 countries through CCTV overseas channels. The regional simultaneous live broadcast has received very enthusiastic response and praise."

  Although there are still many unknowns about the prospects of e-sports entering traditional sports games, it is undeniable that e-sports has become a force that cannot be ignored, and the glory of the king is an influential item.

  Due to the need for epidemic prevention, not many spectators came to the scene on the final day. But every time the players of the two teams in the finals played wonderful operations, there would still be huge cheers.

  Like other e-sports projects, the development of the glory of the king is accompanied by many labels, good or bad. The World Champions Cup, a top-notch event with great appeal, is also an opportunity for the outside world to re-examine it.

  Wang Hao