Lewis Hamilton is complimentary about the Mercedes tire management after his victory in the Grand Prix of Spain. The German team had a lot of tire problems in recent weeks, but everything went according to plan in Barcelona.

"I was really in a daze during the race and I didn't even realize I was on my last lap. That's how much I was in my own world. It all felt very good," Hamilton said in a first reaction after the race. race.

"It really came as a surprise to me that it went so well, because we had so many problems with the tires recently. We had that very well under control this time."

Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas had a flat tire two weeks ago in the Grand Prix of Great Britain and at the second race in England the Mercedes drivers suffered blisters on their tires, allowing Max Verstappen to take victory.

"We have understood what has gone wrong with the tires in recent weeks," said 35-year-old Hamilton. "We learned from the problems and that is undoubtedly why we were able to win this race."

Lewis Hamilton celebrates the victory with his team. (Photo: Pro Shots)

'Wasn't necessary to take a risk'

Hamilton had so much margin on his closest attacker Verstappen in the final phase of the race that he could go into the pits again for a new set of medium tires. As a result, he did not risk a flat tire in the last laps of the race.

"In the end there was no need to take any risks with the tires and I was able to switch nicely to the mediums. I especially want to thank the guys in the factory for their efforts during this difficult period. We will continue where we left off. were, ”said Hamilton.

The six-time world champion, who has now won four of the first six races, further extended his lead in the World Cup standings. Hamilton now cherishes a lead of 37 points on closest attacker Verstappen and 42 on teammate Bottas.

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