It was in the home premiere of the elite series in speedway that Noel Wahlqvist lost control when he had to get past Linus Eklöf. He drove into a fence and incurred three invoices.

The crash also caused problems with a lung and that is what keeps him still in hospital. He will be x-rayed on Sunday and after that a decision will be made whether he can go home.

- He has really fought, boy. But he is in good spirits and has a positive mindset, which of course is important, says Andersson.

Sounds like it's a long time before he's on a motorcycle again?

- Not if you talk to him, but theoretically it should take a while of course. I hope he can come back and have time to run some races before the season is over. It's a relatively short season due to pandemic and shit.

The elite series in speedway will be decided this year as a single series and therefore the last round of the basic series will be run already on 15 September. Västervik has started with two straight losses against first the Pirates and then the Lions.

CLIP: Peter Ljung crashed nasty in Vetlanda (11/8)

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Nasty crash in Vetlanda Photo: Screenshot