“I always recommend preparing for a marathon in advance, at least a year in advance (provided that you have already run before), and two years in advance, if you haven’t run at all,” he said in a conversation with RT.

According to Kondrashev, a marathon is a serious load, and preparation should be treated accordingly.

The specialist advises to find a competent coach who will draw up a plan based on the person's physical fitness.

For those who decide to train on their own, the expert recommends remembering that the weekly running volume should be at least 67 km. It's also important to pay attention to stretching and general fitness.

“It is imperative to exclude fast food, carbonated drinks, alcohol. More correct and wholesome food, do not forget to observe the water-salt balance, "Kondrashov emphasized.

He added that recovery is also required - massage, healthy sleep.

“Another important rule is consistency. When training according to the plan, it is important not to miss training, ”the expert said.

It is noted that in the current epidemiological situation, large races in Moscow are held in compliance with sanitary standards. All those present have their body temperature measured. Masks and gloves are required for staff and all participants when entering the starting town.

Personal protective equipment is replaced every three hours, and contact surfaces are disinfected every two hours. Starting clusters are filled in stages, with control over the number of people and their density.

Spectators are advised to stay at home and refrain from supporting the marathon participants at the start and finish.