The Spanish media are tough in their judgment of FC Barcelona after the historic 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The German journal is in a jubilant mood after the gala performance of 'Der Rekordmeister', which continues the impressive series of victories.

"The mother of all debacles", El Mundo Deportivo describes the defeat of the Catalans. "As inexcusable as Barcelona played, so inexcusable was Bayern in the total dismantling of the opponent. August 14 is now the darkest day in Catalan club history."

The newspaper further writes that the shocking defeat heralds the end of an era in which the selection will have to be given a major overhaul. "The current group of players should not be protected", said El Mundo , which gave all players a heavy fail against Bayern.

Lionel Messi has been called "the epitome of depression, hopelessness and helplessness", Gerard Piqué had "his most tragic evening in the blaugrana" and Sergio Busquets wrote "a sad epilogue of a great era". Frenkie de Jong, seen as part of the new generation to revive Barcelona, ​​delivered "a tragic end to his horrible first season".

According to Marca , Barcelona was "dominated, humiliated, slaughtered and destroyed in every way" by Bayern. "The Germans could have achieved double digits, but in their constantly bombed countryman Marc-André ter Stegen found the only one who occasionally proved to be an obstacle on the Spanish side."

Sport states that Bayern Barcelona "completely undressed and covered the naked Catalan body with the scourge" and sees the German champion as the overwhelming favorite for the overall victory in the Champions League. "Who's going to stop this Bayern?"


Summary historical duel FC Barcelona-Bayern Munich (2-8)

German media see Bayern advance to final victory

While Spanish media mainly focus on the collapse of Barcelona, ​​the German media lack superlatives to describe Bayern Munich's achievements.

"A victory that occurs once every hundred years", exults BILD , that Bayern sees the same dominance in Europe as in Germany, where the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal were won by force majeure. "This ruthless machine is capable of anything."

"Barcelona was shaken by a Bavarian earthquake," continues the German tabloid newspaper, which completely destroyed the Catalans. "A one-man show by Messi, with a lot of overpaid players around him who mainly run around defensively like chickens without heads."

Der Spiegel speaks of a "pure power demonstration" of 'der Rekordmeister' and takes the assist of Alphonso Davies at 5-2 as a typical example. "The left back started from a standstill, but then took Nelson Semedo on a wild ride at top speed, like all of Bayern did at Barcelona."

Television channel N-TV believes that Bayern is approaching, if not already, perfection. The Germans have already won their Champions League matches this season, a series that now amounts to nine games. "No other team comes even close to this already legendary team, which is rushing towards the treble at lightning speed."


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