Major League Reds Akiyama Hit on the starting lineup, playing well in defense Defending August 15 13:14

Shogo Akiyama of the big league, Reds, started the game against the Pirates on the 14th, hit a single hit, and showed good play in defense.

Akiyama started from the Pirates match in Cincinnati, where he was headquartered, with the first left, with a short goro in the first bat, a strikeout in the second bat, and a center fly in the third bat.

Still, with 7 defenses, I caught the opponent's attack by catching well while running a big hit from the 2nd out 1st base on the fence, and on the other hand, repelled the changing ball at the 4th bat at 2 out 1st base I hit a hit in front of the center and expanded my chances.

Akiyama returned to the home with the next batter's three-run home run, and this game was a single hit in four at bats.

The Reds won the match 8 to 1.