MLB Angels Otani 4 Hits 1 Hits 15 Aug 19:39

Shohei Otani of the Major League League, Angels, played in the Dodgers match on the 14th with a No. 5 designated batsman, and was one hit in four at bats.

Otani received a sharp hit from the first at-bats in the second run, which he greeted with a no-out first base against the Crayton Carshaw pitcher, who has won the Dodgers' starter and won the Cy Young award three times most. It was a double play of the second Goro, which was blocked by the defensive shift of the opponent.

In addition, Otani, who also had 5 second innings and 7th innings, was a two-base hit in 9 innings when the opponent pitcher changed.

Otani set the batting average at 20/1 with 4 hits in this game.

The team lost four to seven, losing two straight games.