Aisin AW 2 new players confirmed infection New Corona Women's Basketball Aug 15 17:09

Two basketball girls, Aisin AW players in the W League, were found to be infected with the new coronavirus. They are said to be close contacts of athletes with confirmed infection this week.

Aisin AW has a total of 14 players, including 13 players and 1 staff member who were identified as rich contacts by the guidance of the public health center, because one player gave a positive test on the newborn coronavirus antigen test on 11th of this month. PCR test was conducted on the 13th.

According to the team, the test revealed a positive reaction in two athletes, which resulted in three athletes being infected.

One of the two has complaints of taste and smell and the other has no symptoms.

The W League will start in the middle of next month, but the team will quarantine 12 people who were negative in addition to the three who were confirmed to be infected. I will make a decision.

Aisin AW said, “I have realized that the risk of infection is lurking everywhere because the thoroughness of preventive measures and the outing of athletes was kept to the minimum necessary for daily life. I want to do it."