Screenshot of the official website of The Hague Club.

  China News Service, August 14-According to the Dutch football team The Hague Football Club, Chinese player Wang Kairan passed away in an accident at the age of 15.

  It is reported that Wang Kairan and his parents came to the Netherlands about 5 years ago and joined The Hague in 2017. In June last year, he won the U14 National Youth Men's Football Call to prepare for the Wuhan Cup.

  The statement of The Hague Football Club read: "Max (Kairan Wang) is strong in spirit. He knows how to achieve his goals better than anyone. His family is always his strongest backing. He is friendly and polite, even though he is very humble. But in the group, Max always performed well."

  At the same time, The Hague Club also expressed deep condolences to Wang Kairan’s family: “We extend our greatest support to his family and always stand with his relatives.” (End)