As soon as the tragedy was consummated, Simeone adjusted his pants and took one last look at the dark Lisbon sky. Resigned by a setback that was not in the plans and that closes with a slam and prematurely a season that seemed to have at least one more game left. «I have a feeling of bitterness, but I know they gave it their all. We had no more, "he replied in full digestion of a tough defeat that separates them again from the Champions League. «It was a very long year and with the pressure of entering the Champions League. A week unemployed ... We have to raise our heads and prepare for next year », the Argentine coach completed his reflection, on the sad night of the farewell to his inseparable Mono Burgos, who will fly alone next year.

While the tractors tidied up the lawn of José Alvalade, where he was also defeated in 2018, only then it was a sweet death, Cholo continued to reflect on the reasons for that tragic fate. The freshness and intensity of Nagelsmann's method had erased that Atlético in transition, who hoped to climb a step in Lisbon, from the tapestry. «I liked the rival with great enthusiasm and freshness. There are no excuses. We had no more and we had to lose, "he continued from the stadium lectern, responding to a screen, as required by these times of the coronavirus.

And all while the Leipzig players were uncorking their champagne for the most important achievement in their short history, since they have barely been among the greats for four years. Apart from that elimination in the 2017 group stage, until now only Real Madrid and Juventus, always with Cristiano Ronaldo in between, had managed to derail Simeone. The young Nagelsmann and his boys are already another nightmare for the Argentine coach.

«They have been better, they have had more possession, they have been faster and more intense. We have to congratulate them, ”Koke, the captain of a ship leaving empty home, summed up elegantly, despite having left Liverpool on the way.

"Joao gave us the tie"

A Joao Felix would hardly believe what he had touched live at home, after an hour waiting time. Simeone, seeing himself below, looked at the bench immediately and the child appeared. The signing of the year started the game (of the year) away from the team, taking very little to question his starting position. In just a few minutes, he showed talent and determination, without any shame. On the contrary, the team leaned on their back, with the opposing goal as a beacon to look for. But his determination and his flashes of quality did not serve to rescue a team that never corresponded to his intentions. "Joao has given us a lot when it comes to going out, he gave us the draw. We had bad luck in the second goal, that's how football is," Koke admitted.

«They won the duels. They won in fouls. They won in understanding the game well. We had a hard time inserting ourselves into the game. Perhaps at the time of 2-1, after 1-1 ours was where the game was calmer. He had passed that phase where they were better and it seemed the second goal of a game that we could not play as we wanted, "Simeone settled in his farewell. Perhaps thinking that the clock is ticking and the next season has already begun. Before what he would have liked and with another deep scar after another slip in the Champions League.

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