Pole vault: Since Michaela Meijer set a Swedish record with a world result of 4.83 this week, former record holder Angelica Bengtsson has also gained real momentum in her jumping. The duel between them contains a lot of prestige and can be decided at really high altitudes!

High jump: Erica Kinsey's season debut on Monday ended at a surprisingly nice 1.92 and Sofie Skoog has a form curve that is slowly but surely rising. Can be something good in Uppsala.

Long jump: Khaddi Sagnia has lined up many great competitions this summer, even though her latest performance was not at its best. If she does, it will be an international top class!

Long distance: Meraf Bahta and Sara Lahti are two top runners who have struggled with adversity and challenges of various kinds in recent years. None of them have competed this year but are registered for the Swedish Championships where they will face Linn Nilsson in good shape.

400 meters: Seeing Moa Hjelmer in Sollentuna on Monday was like a fan of the Hjelmer who became European champion eight years ago. In that form, no one can threaten her at the Swedish Championships. 


Pole vault: Armand Duplantis is the SM poster's big poster name, at home in the city where he has his Swedish base. Mondo is one of the top stars in the world of athletics and his performance is a given highlight!

Discus: When Daniel Ståhl now seems to have found the technology that matches his giant powers, the Swedish record is loose if the external conditions are good. Add to that Simon Pettersson who is the safety himself in long lengths and we have a competition of the highest class!

800 m: Andreas Kramer seems to have found a form that we have not seen since the European Championship silver two years ago. Big favorite, of course, although the competition will be historically fierce with three more runners who made 1.46 - 1.47 this year.

Long jump: Thobias Montler has a great safety around eight meters right now. The feeling is that a real hit can carry a good bit over the limit for Montler who can also be a challenger for the medals in the sprint where he is also entered.

Mustafa Mohamed is worth a chapter of his own. The 41-year-old, who set a Swedish marathon record in February, is now considering returning to the 3,000-meter hurdles - the branch where he achieved great international success during his career but which he has not run in ten years.