It was set for the first big pole duel during the outdoor season 2020. But one by one, the pole participants fell away. First Valentin Lavillenie tested positive for covid-19. The Frenchman Thibaut Collet also disappeared from the starting list after coming into contact with a corona-infected individual.

Just before the competition was to begin, the next dropout came, this time of greater sporting dignity. Sam Kendricks, Armand Duplanti's good friend and biggest competitor for the evening, was eliminated late from the competition. At first, the reason was stated as "rod problems", after a while more details emerged.

According to athletics agent Daniel Wessfeldt, Kendrick's poles have not reached the Stade Louis II in Monte Carlo.

- For some reason, his staffs have not come here. No one knows why. His poles have been in Clermont Ferrand and "someone" forgot to bring them here, Wessfeldt tells in a text message to SVT Sport.

The broadcast from Monaco can be seen on SVT1 starting at 20:00