, August 14th. Beijing time on the 14th, tennis star Djokovic announced on his personal social media that he will return to New York this month to participate in the Southwest Consortium Open and the US Open to extend his 2020 season. An unbeaten record of 18 wins and 0 losses. Since then, the ATP Tour also confirmed the news.

Xiaode personal social media screenshot

  Xiaode wrote in the statement: "I am happy to confirm that I will participate in this year's Southwest Foundation Open and the US Open. This is not an easy decision because of multiple obstacles and challenges, but I am very excited to participate again. I am ready to return to the game and devote myself to the best condition. I respect and thank everyone who has spent the time and energy to organize these two events so that tennis players can return to their field of work."

  "In my career, I have played some great games at the National Tennis Center. I know that considering all the agreements and safety measures to protect players and New Yorkers, the situation will be very different this time, despite this. , I still train hard with my team and maintain a good physical condition, so I am ready to adapt to the new environment."

Data map: On October 11, Serbia player Djokovic returned the ball in the game. On the same day, in the men's singles quarter-finals of the 2019 Shanghai Masters, Serbia's Djokovic lost 1-2 to Greece's Sisipas and missed the semifinals. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yin Liqin

  So far this season, Djokovic has won the ATPCup, Australian Open and Dubai three events, unbeaten in singles with 18 consecutive victories.

  Since the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a great impact on the entire world tennis scene. Many famous tennis players have announced their retirement. Prior to this, Swiss king Federer and US Open champion Nadal have successively stated that they will withdraw from the US Open this year. (Finish)